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I lost my husband on valentines day 2010 age 52, he had sarcoma cancer.  I am 49 and got no children. I would like to get to know other widows in the same situation as me to see how they are coping.    

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Am also a 30 years old- widowed without children and this is so... painful. I lost my husband on May 2012 (motor accident). I miss him so much! He loved children but I was thinking that we have time for that.. And he left me.. And now am alone. Many says "she is young, she can make her life again". The truth is, now August 2013, am worse than ever...

hi sorry for u distepe i am looking for just bed frnd not more ? 8453961625

Hi An49 and all others. I too am widowed. I'm so sorry for your loss. I was 59 at the time my husband and best friend passed suddenly from a heart attack (9/1/11). We had just had our 25th anniversary the week before. I'm so glad he lived to experience that. He was a wonderful, loving man. I do not have any natural children, do have a stepson and his wife and kids but they do not live close to me. I have been blessed to have good friends get me through this horrible time but it still isn't the same as family. I have a niece on the east cost, that I'm close to but I understand how hard it is not to have your own kids especially when most everyone else seems to. I hope you have good friends to help support you through this. I'm about to start going to a grief group in my area which I'm hoping will help and plan to start seeing a therapist. Do you just feel STUCK? That's how I'm feeling these days. Watch TV, worry about everything and accomplish nothing.. As you know, the sadness is overwhelming at times, today being one of them. No reason, just comes on ya. Do you attend a church? I know that has helped a lot of people going through this. I'm working on getting closer to the Lord and that has helped. I hope this has helped you some. In closing it has been friends that have been there for me. Sometimes we aren't related to our families, we just pick them. Best of everything to you. Terry.

I am 54 years old and lost my husband July 10,2011. We were very close. Were married for almost 26 years and never had children together. It is hard . Mostly thinking about past , which I try not to do too much, because I miss the things we did together. We were happy with the 2 of us and just never thought of being alone or not this young. I can not imagine ever finding anyone else that was such a good fit for me. I too wish there were groups of support for this particular situation

I'm 49 years old with no children, and i lost my husband and best friend of 30 years, on Chistmas Eve 2012. I had a still birth in 1994. My husband use to say it least we have each other, but now we don't. I also wish there were support groups for people in my same situation. The loneliness is hard to bare, i pray that i will not be alone forever, thinking about that scares me.

I'm 54 with no children and lost my husband and best friend of 30 years just 3 weeks ago. Mike and I each had a half sister that lived out of town, and that was it for our little family. Right now, I'm very afraid that I'm not strong enough to continue living without my husband. He fussed, and fumed, and I drove him crazy, but he was always there and he took care of me. Our little life daily life joys and secrets between just the two of us are gone. I don't think that I'm going to make it.

Dear nac6b-Just read your post and I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved husband. I am 56 (with no children) and very recently lost my husband on Jan 2, 2012. I unlike most who have posted here, I did not have the chance to say goodbye or prepare myself in any way for his passing. My husband un-expectantly took his own life. No explanation and so out of character for him. We had a beautiful, amazing, loving, marriage of 22 years. We were the best friends. Everyday he would tell me how beautiful I was, how much in love with me he was, and that I was the only person in this world who thought of as his true family. We bared our souls to one another. We had a life and bond that was admired by many and we mentored married couples both young and old as well as young adults. I have been left with a shattered life, a deep-deep sorrow and broken heart I'm not sure will never mend. The shock, loss, and grief I feel at times make it difficult to see how I will survive. When I think about my future I am frighten because I don't know how I will survive spiritually, emotionally, or financially. I will say this, you are stronger than you think. Grief will make things difficult for us, but we have something deep within each of us that that propels us forward one day at at time. For me, it is the deep love and devotion I have for my husband. He was truly a good, kind man and a gentle soul. He gave me so much happiness while he walked this earth and I did everything I could to honor, love and cherish him as his wife for 22 years. There is SO MUCH to be said for the life we have had with our husbands. Here's what I know. I lost my beloved husband, the love of my life and I had no choice or say. I do have the choice and exercise that choice, to continue to breath EVERYDAY no matter how hellish it seems at times, how devoid of happiness some days are and the fact that sometimes it just feels like it will never end. I choose to pick up at least one piece today and put it back in place. I choose to continue to make it known what an amazing man my husband was, the fact that he and I loved each other with every part of our being. I know that I am still his wife and I will completely love him to the end of my days.. This is what I choose, this is what I know.

I was also widowed at 49. My wife died of cancer January 13th, 2008. <br />
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I (sometimes) hate life without her ... only our three children makes it worth going on.

Be Thankful you have your Children, i just lost my husband and i have no children.

I also am without a husband and children. I fill my time with friends and my Church. I have never never felt so sad and so alone. I have only one sibling and nephews but no one else. I could not go on without the knowledge that God is with me. I wish there were a support group for widows/widowers without children in my area. Just take one day at a tiime and you can make it.<br />

Hi Mag, Don didn`t want to leave you, he like my husband did his best to stay but couldn`t. We lost our husbands & best friends around the same time, it has now been over 3 months. I am coping by saying `yes`, I was inspired by a film staring Jim Carrey - I think it is called yes man. Anyone who asks me to do something (within reason) or go somewhere I say yes & make every effort to enjoy myself. I have said yes to gel overlay nails (big success) eyelash extensions (hmm). The cinema, etc. It is easier to say no, but say Yes. Let me know how you get on.

I'm 56 and married 36 years - no children, because God never gave us any. My husband Don lost his battle with cancer (2/18/10) after 2 years of fighting hard and telling me he'd never leave me. Now I'm in the big house with no one. It's a really, really sad and lonely place and every one has the experience of grief but very few have the exact experience as you. So you reach out to anyone that has even the slightest experience as you. I know everyone keeps telling me to get out and do things but 36 years you put into no one but your best friend. How do you reinvent yourself. I moveed my company home and we live in the country with no neighbors. I'm from a big family but they have their families and it' hard to become a part of that after so many years. I know - feeling sorry for myself!!!

I know you dont know e...nor do I. I have a father who is ur age and my mom also passed because of cancer.
I need your help....this is what is going on in my mind...I wish to get him married so that in his oldage he has a comoanion. My intentions are good but my peoblems many....firstly vr in india....not a very open society...now if v decide to get him remarried would this be a right decision....is what I wanna know from you.

I am so sorry. How are you today? You are in my prayers.