I Am A Widow

to all my widow friends here at ep, just wanted to share a book i just got thru reading about a week ago, i read it in 5 days, which is huge for me, im

not a big reader, the name is ( getting to the other side of grief ) overcoming the loss of a spouse, by susan j. zonnebelt-smeenge,r.n.,ed.d and

robert c. devries, d.min., ph.d. beautifully written, clarified so much for me, i was engulfed by this book, today is 1.5 yrs i lost my husband, 2nd book ive

read on grieving since my husbands passing, first one was very good to, but a very short book, this one completely opened my mind up, to the

understanding of grieving, and where it is taking us all, i know, for me,  at this time, in my grieving journey was a perfect time for me to read this. i

highly recommend it to all my widow friends here on ep.  as a matter of fact, i plan on reading it again. go out and pick it up, i strongly recommend it.

love to you all                                                                               your friend and widow on ep

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Thank you I will have a look for it althought in our small town the book selection is'nt the best. Take care and be well. SG

Thank you. I am going to find a copy of the book.

Thank you will look for it ,hope it has been much help for you God Bless goahead