Christmas Tears

I broke down in a store buying Christmas cards.

My wife of 37 years died of cancer last January. Christmas was her favorite holiday and she did it to the nines. She left seven large plastic tubs of Christmas stuff plus three decorated trees.My son pulled it all together and it sits in the living room. Every item in every box hold a memory of kids and dogs and houses and places we lived or traveled to. Don't know if I can hold to together getting the stuff out and up.

This is the most grief I have suffered. I am not someone who is paralyzed by grief...but this was here time and I can do not think that I can handle it now.
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

I lost my husband three days after you. He had been sick for a while and although we knew it was coming it has torn me apart. I still have 3 young sons to provide for and wondering how that is going to happen with my brain half missing. Prayers for you and me hoping we can get through this.


I know exactly how you feel, my husband passed away last year February and this Chrismass was the first one alone with my girls, it was so difficult, to be a widow at 40 is so jung and being alone missing someone a slow death..... I still feel the same after nearly a year now!