Just Hurt

its been about two years now. second birthday, second christmas. i have no interest in dating. i wonder if thats normal. i not only miss him but i feel like everyone around me thinks that i should be over him by now. so, i no longer am honest about my feelings, i hide them which makes me feel even more alone. I live alone, i work alone and i am just getting tired of it all. i want to bring myself out of this dark place but i dont even know where to start. i feel pretty alone in this. i smile all the time but im not truly happy. i feel like everything in my life has gone downhill sense i lost him or maybe it just that i have to deal with everything by myself. i cant hardly make ends meet and i am terribly behind on my bills. i try to make the best of things, but am very aware that something is missing. would love to talk to others that may be expirencing the same problems and may even have suggestions on what would help..thanks. glad to be here..
cricket21 cricket21
51-55, F
Jan 16, 2013