Living Alone

My wife died very suddenly 14 years ago this week. She was only 58 and my four children were stll quite young. I made a ecsion thta if my children did not have a mother at least they would always have a  home. Since then they have all moved on  .I changed jobs and have been retired for 7 years. I have never sought another partner it would seem to be a bit like a betrayal and I am a very self contained  domesticated person. But I make sure I have lots of friends. I find if I stay at home on my own too long I get depressed. But I set myself projects and get on with them and look after a few people.

Its not the same,  but its  a good life and I dream about my wife frequently

Fulke Fulke
70+, M
3 Responses Nov 3, 2009

I've been devorced for 8 years and live by myself and enjoy it a great deal, I date once in awhile but nothing serious.<br />
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There is a single woman a few doors down from me and we enjoy dinner together once in a while or a movie. But she enjoys her single life as well so it works out .

I had a busy Christmas with various children coming at different times and I became a full time caterer which was fun, but the house a bit empty when they all left.

There are no words really. I lost my husband June 2008. We were married 36 years. I am just completely lost, not sure where to go from here? I feel at times I am just 'doing time'. I am lucky in that I have a good relationship with my son who lives with his girlfriend and little Alfie. I have no one else - I have family but am no close to them. I work full time so this keeps me focused, but there are days when I find it a complete effort to go in - 'whats it all about'? If I dont go to work I get more depressed by staying indoors. <br />
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This Christmas I have decided to register with CRISIS and am doing voluntary work over the Christmas period - better than being alone indoors watching the box and stuffing myself with mince pies......<br />
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Thinking of you.....