Suck As a Mother

i am a wife and mother of  1 , two and a half girl . I feel like she will be with anyone except me . her dad , my sister and our domestic is the centre of her world. I try my best to be a good mum  i get excited to see her in the afternoons and go out of my way to buy her goodies , give her anything she wants but nothing seems to work.and it is really getting me down . She tells me straight I DONT WANT YOU I WANT MY DADDY.

wHAT DO I DO????????

yasiraj yasiraj
1 Response Feb 24, 2009

To indulge in a broad over-simplification, and a sweepting generalization, most girls want a daddy. This is easy to understand: Daddy is the one man most girls will ever meet who'll be nice to them, and not expect sex in return. Most boys prefer their mothers, To answer your question, if you really want an answer, just accept that most girls will take their daddy over their mommy, be as good as you can be to her, and hope for the best. Remember that most fathers will give their daughters anything, and that most most mothers will cheerfully boil their daughters to make soup for their sons. If your daughter is of this mind, you can't change her. As long as her dad isn't doing anything bad, like using her for sex, using her to blackmail you, things like that, it will be okay. We boys need our moms, because however much they criticize us, they still love, despite the things we do that annoy them. Girls need their dads for the same reason. Give her time, be good to her, and eventually, she'll come to know you, and to love you. :)