What A Ride...

My husband and I got married on September 15th, 2012. We dated for 5 years during college and moved to St. Louis together so he could pursue a job. He is a project manager for a industrial painting company which means most of his jobs are very far away. Four days after he received his job, he was shipped to Maryland. After that it was Tampa Bay and Colorado. Normally, these jobs last a month or so and then he gets to come home. However, the current one he has is in New Orleans until May and then it is other parts of the country the rest of the year. We only get to see each other once a month for the weekend. Lets just say it has been very hard on me...

I started my full time sales job the day we got back from our honeymoon. My job is stressful, and I still have anxiety about it everyday. It is so unbelievable hard to deal with the stresses of my job without seeing him night by night or even weekend to weekend.

I guess what I am struggling with is just extreme lonliness. I have lots of friends, but they don't live close or are planning their own weddings. My parents help, but what newleywed wants to be with their 62 year old parents every weekend. I guess I just need to find a way to survive. His boss has already told him not to plan to be home most of 2013. When I think aboutt his lasting all year, I start to panic. Ugghhh this sucks. I never thought at 25 I would start my married life with Steve in New Orleans and myself at home alone in my cold apartment for months at a time. I just love him too much for this to be happening.
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I completely understand!!! I am in the exact same boat! I am getting married September 7th and my fiance is a project manager for a construction company. If I am lucky I see him a couple of days a month and even then they still call him when he is at home. I get extremely lonely as well. Friends and parents cannot fill the void your significant other does.

I totally hear where you are coming from. My husband travels all week and comes home only on weekends and has been doing this for about 4 years. My solution is to focus on my own career. This helps a lot. It provides me a sense of pride and a sense of purpose. Hope this helps. It is not easy and just know that you are not alone.