Coming While Peeing

on several occasions at public toilets where i go to ease myself when someone else too comes for the same purpose and I happen to see his member i have a hard on and if that persons body language is encouraging I just jerk myself on purpose .Well on some occasions like when I went with my loved one to the doctor as one of my two were swollen and while he was examining it I came and when it was my wifes turn to get her knee which was swollen with arthritis examined the doctor had told her what happened to me her husband and the conversation had gone to the extent where he had offered some solace if needed and my wife had got his solace on the examining table. So sorry that I did not get a chance to witness it as I was thirsty and walked out for a soft beverage.t 

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2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

love for the guy next to me to get a good look especially if it makes him hard

Very interesting story. More power to you and your wife. Sounds like a fun couple.