Unleash Your Spiritual Animal

Or animals, I discovered quite some time ago that there is an animal spirit within. In fact a few, wild animal spirits that guide me or occupy the vessel of my body at various times or occasions. I can't explain it but it's like a sudden force taking gentle or sometimes aggressive control of you and boosting certain qualities: your stamina or endurance or your mental state. I am aware of four that roam inside me: Aries Ram - I have no problem butting heads and will keep on arguing a point until I've steamrolled over the opposition. Under the Ram, I am impulsive, charming and driven to lofty if not sometimes unattainable goals. From the Scorpion under the Scorpio Moon, I draw my dark and moody nature along with my mysterious, charismatic nature. I also achieve a certain vibrance and intensity with this.

Chinese Dog - combined with the acute memory of the Scorpion means that sometimes I am inclined to remember wrongs. I remember every angry or hurtful word, that's not to say I go around always holding grudges but while I forgive, rest assured that the next time we clash - I will not forget and will hit you with the harsh words spoken in the past. Last of all is the Wolf, the wolfspirit gives me this incredible stamina and hunger. It's like I can go the extra mile whether it's biking or dancing my way over town. It gives me the rush and the roar to be able to tackle hills without missing a beat and to come up full blooded without a moment's exhaustion.

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2 Responses Jun 3, 2009

I missed no point. You relate to your desires and feelings through animals based on their behaviors. I'm simply saying that it's actually YOU, not really an animal spirit. Seriously, while it is 'cute' to identify and connect your behaviors with these different creatures, the only result is that you are denying yourself credit for your own ambitions and desires. Hey, if you feel like a wolf on some days, fine, I won't take that away from you, nor can I. I surmise that you are just having 'fun' and are not really serious about all this. Of course, that is my logic speaking. And, I'm not sure what your point is about being a man vs a woman either. In fact, I can be quite fun and silly at times, always laughing and joking around. :)

You must realize that these 'animals' that you have affectionately convinced yourself exist within you, are really just a part of your brain. Ego states. It's who YOU are inside. You can attach any visual image that feels the most appropriate to each ego state in your mind. That is apparently what you have done. As long as it works, fine. But just don't forget that YOU control these 'animal spirits', NOT visa-versa. If you let them control YOU, and you have convinced yourself that you have no control, then we will see you on the six o'clock news telling the media how the wolf inside you got hungry...and they will lock YOU up, and in that cell is where the wolf will eat you alive.