Part of My Story

I just came into the Wiccan belief and practice recently and I am solitary
I have found no one else who believes quite like I do.
maybe it is because of my history
and lack of it

My grandmother (my mom's mom) was a story teller and historian and she is the only family history i have
(both parents are adopted )
I saw her as the keeper of the flame
the giver of knowledge
she taught me to explore for answers and to read but never take anything at face value there is always a story between the lines.

this is important to me because I believe that is part of why i am Wiccan

I have always thought outside of the norm
i went to a christian church / school and always got in trouble for asking and making inappropriate comments.
I could never understand why people would follow a man and worship him when he him self said don't worship me worship like me
I i also got into trouble a lot for pointing out that Jesus would be burn for witch craft in Salem and during the Inquisition. what almost got me thrown out in 2nd grad was when I ask if Jesus was a witch
I pointed out that he layed hands did spells and had a coven
I have always tried to study as much as i can on my own

Yes I was asking questions about Mary as well
I had a religions of the world teacher  that I just loved to listen to in college
on the first day of class he set a stack of drop slips on his desk and then proceeded to insult half the class in to leaving
he started by saying
Christ would never be a christian
he was Jewish
Christ was married to Mary

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i dont know much about being a wiccan but my cousin is into it1

I think that is when i started to look at the bible as just another book about a good man

Yes King Constantine did remove parts of the bible during the "Council of Nycea" <br />
I saw the dead sea scrolls my grand mother worked for a major public library and helped researcher to authenticate items for the museum so when the dead sea scrolls were brought into town for an exhibit we got a special showing<br />
<br />
some of the scrolls had plaques saying what the were and they were book not found in the bible <br />
and most were written by women

Hehe, it's good to see that you DON'T accept things at face value! J-sus fought the establishment, telling people the 'church' is in our hearts, not in the current king or the temple. I'm pretty sure he got in trouble for making 'inappropriate' comments at his temple (synagogue) too, hehe. He even called an old woman a 'dog' once...<br />
<br />
Speaking of J-sus, he said not to put faith in 'magic'. Sorry. (Luke & Matthew are like duplicates of the same story, matt was a tax collector, luke was a doctor.) <br />
I personally have found that ANY 'magic' that I have encountered has been forms of drugs or 'fringe' psychology. I know a guy in town that was drugged once. He still talks to 'spirits' (and his invisible dog) years later... sad really.<br />
<br />
BE CAREFUL! You may attract people that would drug you under the false impression of 'magic'. Slow flashing lights can also induce hypnosis, another form of 'magic'.<br />
Drugs can seem magical, but they're NOT WORTH IT because people with more experience can always take advantage of you. TRUST ME! I'm like Slim Shady, I know this from experience.<br />
<br />
I believe wiccan rituals are forms of ancient psychology and meditation, just as prayer is. Prayer has been proven to work in hospitals. Hypnosis is a powerful tool.<br />
<br />
The religeon of your birth is usually the right one. It connects you to family, which is the most important thing. You sound like you might be interested in something called Universal Unitarianism. The 'Rosicrucians' have some intersting info on J-sus' life. Both groups acknowledge many books were removed from the Bible at something called the 'Council of Nycea'.

Brightest blessings