Love of a Witch

i have been for a long time now have been a solitary witch how have been looking people with the like mind like me but have not been so successful others who say they are just rejects me and have been for ever but my the flame of my love for the craft has never been put out it just make stronger and much wiser and with the spirits who guide me where ever i go they lead me where i need to be instruct me on how i need to be and many feel this and get jealous and hurt me or try to any way but my love still forever and ever grows stronger each pasting moment. and no matter how hard i try to show my love some still rejects me how cold but i am not with out mercy.So i do have faith and believe that i will find friend that feel the same way i do.

dragonofdeath dragonofdeath
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6 Responses Mar 18, 2009

I am an elder witch, I want to encourage and support you on your sacred path...blessings and care.

I am your friend...DD

thanks for shareing and the inspiered comment

Isn't that what most of us out here want? To be excepted for who we are nomaker what your beliefs? I'm sure you'll find somebody. I have a witch for a friend, we are super close but we respect each other. I actually live in a community where there are many witches, it's rather neat. I've always been interested in it to an extent. And frankly, most people are scared of what they do not understand. Keep looking, it'll happen.

Well though its not good being a witch still its better to help someone rather than hurting them

I've always been interested in people in this respected craft. I have so many questions to ask I don't know where to begin, if I may.<br><br />
What are you principles? Are there any laws or goals you set for yourself?