I Am Different

I've always been a little different.  I roamed the woods from age 4 until the farm and land was sold.  Even after marriage, first and second, I would go home to roam.  I have always had a special relationship with animals.  They were and are my friends.   I have cast spells which do happen.  I was on  a cruise ship last year and I came out of the "john" and a girl was standing in my way and she asked me if I were psyhic (sic) and I said sometimes.  I told her I was a witch and she said I already know that.  I knew it the first time I saw you.  My grandmother's a witch.  Well, I asked her to drop her chakra and look me in the eyes with no candor and Isaw her vulnerability and that she was going to be hurt, not badly, not something could never recover from, but it would hurt.  And I knew a cat would come into her life.  My house is haunted.  It was haunted when we moved in.  The man who previously owned the house, must have been an angry man.  We would wake up and hear dishes crashing and my husband would get the baseball bat and go look and NOTHING would have been broken or damaged.  My  mother died in this house and her spirit is still here.  She has either run the fit-pitcher off, or she's told him to cut out.  My daughter was caressed by my mother while she brushed her hair.  She saw a movement out of the corner of her eye and having 3 brothers, she thought it was one of them.  As she brushed her hair, in a mirror in our living room, looking in the mirror, she felt a hand caress the back of her hair.  I knew it  was my mother.  She loved my daughter very much.  I have never been afraid of either the glass crasher or my mother.  I have never felt fear.  They mean us no harm.  Our house is very old.  I believe it's about one hundred years old.  There are other things.  I knew my daughter in law was pregnant just about the time she got pregnant and I predicted a girl.  She was and it is.  That's part of my story.
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All spells are not dark magic. Some spells are for good. I never worked a dark spell. What you send out, comes back three-fold. I've been able to tell things that I know will happen. I have predicted pregnancies two times in our family. Same son and daughter-in-law. I think she is psychic as well as am I. It is wierd. I don't like being around a lot of people. I stay alone a lot. I am married and my husband knows all this about me. Our house was haunted by a grouchy old fart that broke things, but when we'd hear a loud crash of splintering glass, my husband would check the whold house and not one thing would be out of place. This happened numerous times, then my Mom got sick and died here. Since then, we've had a lot of peace. I think she told him to go to the light, or just get the Hell out. We were her family. I feel her. My daughter can smell her face powder. Sometimes I'll get a whiff of her as I move through the house. She feels close and it is comforting.

I am 18 years old and have been psychic since I could remember. No one else in my family is that I know of. I have predicted many things by dreams, can sense ghosts, demons etc. and have always been attracted to the four main elements. A lot more is there but just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I have cast spells but have stopped because I was told that it is dark magic by my psychic teacher. So I stay away from that now.