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My EP name is Hillbillycrone; I have smilingly suffered the comments of more than one well-meaning EP’er writing me to ask me to change my EP name because it comes across as negative. Let me clarify if you care to understand, a hillbilly is simply a term of geographic endearment for me, I was born within the sheltering embrace of the copious green hills and hollers of West Virginia, to me a “hillbilly” is just that, a hill person, period. If you wish to assign any supplementary or derogatory meanings to the term, this is your choice. I have a very compassionate and lively sense of humor and I will not take it personally. In fact, if I know you well enough, I might enjoy your antics as affectionate and familial. When someone is kind in their comments or I know them well, dropping the “crone” and calling me “hillbilly” is something I quite enjoy! It’s like a friendly treaty of sorts.
I am filled with gratification when I call myself a hillbilly. My ancestors were hard working, kind, generous, friendly folks, who minded their own business and made their own way in the world. Inordinately high sums of us “hillbillies” have honorably served in the military service and most have struggled diligently to do the best we could by our sweetly cherished children. Our families are tightly woven, for the most part; we are loving and devoted parents. We do suffer from domestic poverty due to fewer and fewer manufacturing jobs and the loss of many major employers in the last years. Also, quite frankly, we can be an isolated people, as a native, I understand that this is primarily due to the fact that our very geography is isolating. I have been to parts of this state where the sun never shines. True, “our” people can be mistrusting of outsiders, but, if you know even a little of our state’s flamboyant history, you would understand the foundation of our mistrust.
We are a progressive state as well. Our medical teaching university is one of the top rated medical research facilities in the country. We are the proud birth state of many colorful and powerful politicians as well. We have given birth to countless celebrities, enviable beauties, talented authors, brilliant scientists, notable athletes and soulful artists. Our rivers are mysterious and ancient, our splendid mountains have inspired lyrics that humble ones heart and bring a tender tear to the eye.
I am also a crone, which is simply the final stage of womanhood, the wise stage, a crone is a term of respect and honor, it the term for a woman past her child baring years, when she is elevated to the status of an elder, a mentor, a teacher of the wise ways of this life. There is no shame in this, is there?
So now you know that my EP name is nothing to apologize for, and is not negotiable, in fact, I am quite pleased to have claimed it and I only hope that I can live up to it through ongoing service to others and an ongoing discipline of practical study and personal experience. I may be a crone, but, I certainly do not know it all! My mission is to ask questions when I am lost and to learn from others that know more than I (which are many) and to never stop growing in every way that I can.
Along with being a “witch” I am a daughter, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a friend, a sister, and a reasonably sane responsible human being. True, I am magical in my thinking, and I admit it, I am a tad lascivious in my persuasions, but that is more about my personality than my religious tradition. I don’t consort with devils, in fact, witches do not believe in a literal devil, we do believe in evil, but, if we are wise, we don’t dwell on such negative terms. It is simply common sense that where there is good, there will be bad, this is life. Witches work with raw energy, their state of mind is paramount to their effectiveness within their craft, so they protect themselves spiritually and take much care with their mindsets and with their words. Witches work with natural elements, and they work with raw emotion, with love…. and sometimes with hate, because to hold hate within ones heart is destructive, and often calls for rituals of release in order to heal a bitter spirit. Witches are often very busy vicars of the human condition. Our hands are often bloodstained from our healing work, literally and figuratively, as many witches serve humanity in vocations of nurture and health care. (Along with volumes of other career choices, face it world, we are out of the broom closet, we are here and we are dear!)
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My dad was a "hillbilly"; a moonshine making hillbilly from Kentucky no less. I miss him so much and wish I would have paid more attention to the country ways of his family.
Your post made me smile; took me back. I love your honest wisdom. Keep writing, and blessed be!

I like the name; very cool :)
Growing up, though I'm from Virginia, I used to spend a lot of my summers in West Virginia. It's a beautiful state; I'm feeling a bit nostalgic for it after having read your story :)

Thank you, so sorry that I missed the notification on this response. Bright Blessings to you!

I really enjoyed your story, it made me smile and feel good. I knew, as soon as I saw your EP name, that you would be an interesting person to chat with. Lol, I also said to myself, "Ah! A kindred spirit":-) I know I am still very much in the maidenhood of my life but I hope to one day be a wise Crone. Blessed Be )o( (I liked your symbol so I think I'll use it now and then if you don't mind.)

This is where I found it my darling, feel free to use it....there are some wonderful witches here....Bless your heart... I thank you for your kind words....)O(

Hi There! Thanks for stoppin in here! :-) Nice to meet cha!

Imma hillbilly too :D

Yay for the hillbillies!!!

Nah, I have to stay out of politics....long story

You have a very catchy name yourself! Thanks for dropping by and bright blessings to you!

My beautiful sweet sis i love your name and i am blessed and honored to have you as my soul sister. You are just amazing

Thank you sweet sis, I hope your day is blessed with unceasing wonders and warmth. Hugs!

Hmmm .. ok I own up in that I have questioned your name. I love the hillbilly part .. it's the crone bit. Maybe it's coz I am around the same age .. I think to me it sounds like a word for a woman at least another 40 years older!

You are not the only one that hisses at the crone part...I assure youTa's! It sort of goes like this "matron, mother, crone, goddess magic all her own" ;-) but if you like "hilly" I can hang with that! I embrace the crone thing, but, you don't have to honey~you do your own happy dance~to your own happy tune, and we will meet in the middle.

Ok Hilly that sounds cool to me :)

“If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do matters very much.” was said by Jackie Kennedy, and I love the quote, so, I hope that I have been a worthy nurturer, so far, so good my friend! Thank You for your kind comments.