Maidin Mhaith, Or Good Morning.

I figured good morning was appropriate since it's just now morning here at my home in northern California. My given name is Becky, I'm a 38 yr old disabled stay at home mom of three boys. My eldest is 19, my hereditary witch in denial is 15, and my fae child is almost 6. :) That almost is a very important almost when you are that age.. lol:) I have also got a strong tendency to bring home strays of all kinds, and I am not just referring to the animal kingdom. Most of the time, it bites me in the butt, and yet, I just can't seem to stop. It's that huge part of me that led to my witch moniker, of AvaniMaia. I know many believe that sharing your magickal name detracts, I just personally disagree. It is my name, and I claim it, so the power involved is my personal issue.
I started practicing (and oh do I mean that word in every sense) when I was young, merely 23. I was born a Catholic, but when my stepfather killed himself due to a mental illness beyond all control, and the church blamed him... I was incensed and left the church. Thank the Goddess for the small things that change our paths. I've questioned it, and it's taken me many many years to accept that I am a witch, I make no apology for that, and I worry not at all about Christian beliefs of the hereafter. If some of those folks are going to "heaven", I think I'd rather be damned. Notice that I said some. I have an issue with intolerance, and that includes being respectful of ALL beliefs. I don't care what someone believes as long as two things apply, they are bettered by that belief, and they don't disparage my own. I raise my eldest with that moral code, and the only other absolutes are responsibility, honor, and faith. I don't believe in the Wiccan ways of black and white. Magick is not either... INTENT is what determines the quality of the magick. I respect that others disagree. I am a very traditional witch in respect to my views on vegetarianism, the use of animal products in my rituals, etc. Again, intent and a lack of honor is what makes one dark. I am a light being, but I will use dark magick should the need arise. It has it's place in my world in terms of protection, and in teaching. I violate no laws, magickal or legal, in that I still believe in harming none. However, if it is a question of the greater good, I think that stopping someone from harming can also be considered harming none. It's a contradiction many are not comfortable walking, and I agree, in that you must have a VERY clear understanding of yourself, your intentions, your motivations, and your understanding of a situation.
I am teaching my eldest, though his father disagrees. I have no reason not to, he's now an adult:) He's an Empath, the same as me, so it was a natural path. Ironically, my middle son, is the result of me and another witch, and yet he has NO interest. I respect that as well. My baby (yes, I know, and no, I don't say it to him.. lol) is a blessed one. He was not supposed to be here, I was infertile, his father was believed to be infertile, and my pregnancy was a NIGHTMARE for many reasons. And yet, he is the one that sees the fae hiding in our prolific star jasmine/ivy combination, and our wild sage plant and it's accompanying unknown bush. (it's a sucker bush, but I leave it be). So we will be building fae homes soon, as well as bird homes. Anything to teach him to give before you take. I am an artist, professsionally, I do polymer clay work, and I am a novice glass artist. I think these homes will be tremendously fun, and intend to bless and spell them as well. I welcome any advice on that notion from those that practice of the fae traditions. I am just learning about them, since my son is obviously born to that. He's such a beautiful thing, and was born an old soul. He came out without a cry, merely looking about to see what was what, with remarkably clear eyes, and clear intent. He enchanted his father, so between being disabled, and the deep love between them, when his father left us, and we finally worked through the nasty emotional aspects of all of it, I granted him custody of our baby. He respects my beliefs, and has promised on his mother's grave that he will NEVER tell our son something is his imagination. I believe that is what has condemned magick to the shadows, years of telling children it isn't real, has made it very hard to find. So, we are trying to see if it makes a huge difference to never tell him ANYTHING is his imagination. So far, So good:) My eldest is much that way, taking huge joy, in simple things. I am a beyond blessed mom.
I am a solitary practitioner, eclectic, and very openminded, so please, feel free to ask, message, question.. I am almost impossible to offend. I am Gaia's child, though I talk to Hecate on a regular basis. My son is on his travails to find his Goddess/God that he needs to speak to.
Anyway, that tells some of who I am, anyone curious about more, feel free to read my blog, poke around my profile, or wander to my regular website, which is a mishmash of things. and there you will find my reviews on paranormal indie books, some of my artwork, and various other things. It's still new, so, it's an act in progress. :) I am hoping to figure out where I left my camera so I can start posting pics of my beads...but sadly, I am a horrid housekeeper, and frequently forget where I've placed even my glasses some days. Part of it is the disability effects (meds, etc) part is just lacking a natural inclination to organize well. lol. I have many furry babies, a few in need of wonderful homes, and they are mostly familiars we are finding.. they have amazing human like tendency, as well as an ability to communicate quite well. I live in the Bay Area of CA, so anyone local, who is looking for a cat raised to be a familiar, and taught by my own familiar, please, let me know. I can't make the choice for them, as you should know ,but I always welcome them finding their intended partner. :)
Many blessings, to all, and wishes for your health and prosperity.
In Love, and Light,
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Hi! You sound wonderfully interesting! When you talk about your kids it makes me think of my boy. He is 7 months old and was concieved on durring a fertility rite because I have been unsuccessful at getting and staying pregnant. I was told may never have children, but God and Goddess granted us a miracle! He is a special baby, and is doing some amazing things<br />
<br />
Anyway, I would love to add you to my circle. I am always interested in talking with other Witchy moms. I am unable to be here as often as I would like, bur I do my best to show up once a day. And as you can see, typing on my android leaves me with many typing errors as well. Lol

You're my kind alright, I would love to be friends! Hugs and bright blessings. )O( Hilly~

I would not pretend to even understand half of what you have shared. It strikes me as very welcoming and peaceful first and foremost. I have a lot to learn, I keep putting things off. Timely reminder (again) of goals I have pushed on the back burner for way too long. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you. Too many who don't understand would disparage what I've said, the fact that you have not, and have seen it for what it is, says a lot about YOU too:) I had many many goals for a long time, was going to go to law school, etc, I even thrived on a very stressful life. Now, I am happy to have my peaceful quiet life with my fiance, and our children, both furry and not so much. :) I love the responses and the patience I have seen you show when you answer some of those many questions:) I look forward to seeing many more:)

Yikes, is EP run by the Christian Right??? Lololol.. I come in, to make sure I didn't need to fix spelling errors (I type on my kindle a lot and it makes me sound illiterate at times) and the two groups EP suggests I join...???? <br />
<br />
I Might Be a Lesbian<br />
Members: 277<br />
Stories: 60<br />
Join Group<br />
<br />
I Am a Dyke<br />
Members: 63<br />
Stories: 8<br />
<br />
Yep, I copied it because that truly made me laugh. It seems witches and the LGBT community go together like peas and carrots... roflmao:) Wonder what my future hubby is going to think of that one? If he asks to watch , he better learn to duck real quick. :) lololol But at least it is improving my mood! :)

awww:) Thanks:) That's truly appreciated this morning:) I just love the whole pay it forward concept.. :) <br />
Many blessings to you and yours.. <br />