I Am a Dianic Witch

Actually, I have two religions. I met a Wiccan friend in 1990 who shared "Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner" with me. I was entranced by the beauty of this religion, the connection with nature, the cyclic holidays-- but the "white light, good only" way it was described was just not for me. I looked for a witchcraft that was more balanced between dark and light, and eventually found the Dianic path. Under Her guidance, I formed the connection with nature that I'd longed for, and healed a lot of old wounds regarding my relationship with myself, with other women, and with my mother. I'm proud to call myself a feminist witch today, to serve the Goddess in Her many guises, and to be committed to a spiral path of endless learning.

I went away from this religion for a time, disillusioned by some conflicts I'd had with people and confused about my direction in life. I searched in a new direction, and ended up joining a cult which was all too happy to take advantage of my confusion. It took some time to break free of them, and when I did, I felt more lost than ever. It has been four years since I got away from the cult, and I've come to realize that what I needed has always been there in the path that I've long followed. The Goddess had always been there for me, but I didn't at that point truly understand the advice that "if what you seek you find not within, you shall never find it without". So now I'm back, and looking for a women's circle to join and call home.

Peragana Peragana
2 Responses Jun 2, 2008

Blessings, care, and warm embraces to you sister.

hi there cungratulasions higher sister hope you acomplish what your looking for and use your self for good.peace and love