A Walk In The Park

I live in NC. Its where Battleground Park is. You know from history class. Its where the battle of Guilford Courthouse and all that took place. In essence a lot of ppl died in that space and they turned it into a park.

I noticed a while back that it always feels a lil thick there. I am very intutive so i never paid it much mind. I know what went on there so I figured it was normal of places like that. all the residual energy and stuff.

So a friend and myself were walking thru the park one day and it started to rain. she noticed "them" first. the two of us stood still as we watched a piece of the battle get replayed right in front of us. it was amazing! it literally was like we were standing in the middle of an actual battle. it was over in a matter of minutes but it was really powerful. we decided that this was our cue to go home. i wanted to test a theory and so planned for us to be back at the park on a day when i knew it might rain. and sure enough, the park literally "comes alive" when it starts to rain. I have no idea why. i dont know if it was actually raining on the day of the battles or what. maybe they just like the rain i have no idea, but they are much more active at that point.

with that knowledge in mind, i went to the park today. it poured for like an hour. during my walk i was accompanied by confederate soldiers on my left and union ones on my right. there were bout seven or eight of them. I just walked and talked to them. asked for clarity with some personal things and asked for a bit of their strength and bravery. told them how much i admired their passion and conviction. it was very peaceful and very freeing. i started to make my way out of the park they started to fade away as it had stopped raining.

this is my secret space. a place where i can literally talk to the dead and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are listening.
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Wow, I have also had some weird things happen. Nothing to do with a battle though, tx for sharing. cheers

you are very welcome.

Great story. Thanks!

:) thanks. it was fresh off the press cause it all happened yesterday evening bout 6pm my time.