16 Years And Counting

On September the 18th of this years (2012), I celebrated 16 years of devotion. I've had a very close relationship with my God and Goddess, but this year I chose to dedicate myself to a new God. After much consideration, I decided upon Ba'al who's name means "Lord" or "Master". After contact, he revealed himself to be the God I had encountered in a dream that I have recently posted a story about. I look forward to becoming close with him and learning what I can from him.

I will continue to be a "Daughter of Hecate". I don't think that will ever change. I have permission to share certain experiences that I have had which I couldn't talk about before. Now that I have permission, I will probably be posting new stories about things I have expressed unable to in the past. I look forward to opinions and comments. Well, the repsectful ones anyway. Note: If you are interested in these stories, they will probably be posted in the "I Am A Child Of Hecate" group, and this one too probably. Thanks for your interest.
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I am a Druid and I follow Baal he is the greatest if look in my collections on my page will see a pic of him there
Mine has his three features all in the one face The toad the cat and the human features.

Baal is the head of all Demons some say Satan himself
Your the first I have met who does follow Baal.
Pleased to meet you.