I consider myself a witch, yet I have only been one for a few months. I am almost 16 years old and my friend Mandy told me about being Pagan and when she explained it I just felt like that was where I belonged. She has been a witch since her mother who has recently died taught her about it. While I will admit that some things in the bible may be historically correct, but while my parents are strong Christians, I don't think I have ever felt quite right there. I feel that in this universe, if you will, I am accepted with my gifts or not. Since my parents are strong Christians, my father, repeatedly has drilled into my brain that witch craft is just satanism in disguise. I know that I know virtually nothing about this, and I am at the tip of the iceberg of learning what this is, but it is so hard to do spells and praise the gods and goddesses without getting caught. The hardest part is that I am a witch with parents that believe in the salem witch trials, but not only that, my great grandmother is famous in my area for being a christian. Nothing will ever turn me off of being a witch, but it's so hard. I could use some encouragement.
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also going back on items used for spell work...your books will always ask for stuff that you have little to no access to, especially if your parents are against magic. Fellidaya is right in saying less is more. with time you wont need the materials to direct your intention and will. but that's many years away. when you can't do whatever spell or blessing to whoever settle on a meditation. work on focus and clarity in your craft. honestly i wouldn't worry about spells until your focus is acute. practice by working with energy for example. you dont need any materials except your own energy.

having christian parents while developing as a witch is damn right difficult. i remember when i first started my dad, who had a heavily baptist Protestant background and parents, printed up some poor research on satanism and presented it to me in the car. of course the car where i couldn't run away lol he read me something about a satanist who found it hard to leave satanism and i had to interrupt him explaining that i'm not worshipping satan. back then i was into Wicca so the worshipping mother earth and fairy farts was helpful in swaying my parents that i wasn't becoming an evil spawn of satan.
however when your parents are die hard christians, it's nearly (if not completely) impossible to help them understand that you're not a newly fledged satan baby. the way they were brought up is that everything christian is right and satan is in everything that isn't. the best way to combat this is to school yourself in what satanism actually is. now, buying the satanic bible or reading any other works by Anton LeVay may cause a enormously difficult predicament if your parents found it lol but understanding it yourself will help you school others. understanding your own religion is a bigger part of the key to combatting their discrimination. i advise reading books by Raven Grimassi or Starhawk. i will lightly suggest Silver RavenWolf...but she's good at giving the simple explanations.
now what it all comes down to is you're suffering from religious discrimination. unfortunately witchcraft is a religion with little support and understanding. these days many people have had to fight for their beliefs and rights as witches. witchcraft is not satanic. witchcraft is not evil or harmful, when used properly. it's not a toy. study hard and fight to stay yourself.
good luck kid.

The great thing about witchcraft, once you've been at it for years, you start to realize that you don't really need much to.practice it. Don't buy into this consumer age! I would not suggest hiding it forever, but if you must hide it then its pretty easy to keep a little altar bag and just get your tools out when you need them. It is also possible to have rituals in your head as a meditation. God and Goddess are not like the christian god. They are not upset if you don't do something a certain way. As long as you are feeling good inside and speaking from your heart, they don't really care how you do things. Most of what we do and use are there to help us focus energy.
If you think you should wait until your parents have less control over you, then that's ok. But I would eventually tell them. I mean for me, declairing that my life is MY LIFE can be a big step toward self descovery and refreshing liberation. You will eventually have to take control of your own life, and if they love you they will accept you. If the don't accept you then you can say "See what your god does? He has convinced you that your own child is not worth your love. How is that forgiving, loving, or riteous?" And go live your life :-)
Blessings to you and I widh you luck!

just go with what you believe in. my parents don't believe in the magick part of it, so i dont do that in front of them, but i still do it. follow your heart, don't do anything because you are forced, do it because you want to do it.
Blessed Be

I know I'm not the only person who has weird parents, but I just feel alone so much. Thank you for the encouragement though. My parent's think that paganism is satanism, it sucks

I do know what you mean because whenever i mention magick, they keep saying it is not real!! and my supposed friends think its satanic, so its pretty annoying. it took forever to convince one of them a pentegram is not satanic!

That is what sucks, Satanists ruined our reputation, those jerks. I like you, you're nice. :) Everyone thinks that anything with ingredients and a pentagram is satanic; is not!

thanks.:) by any chance, do you know any good spells or a way to meditate without falling on your butt when you're finished?

I know a snow spell and a demon banishing spell, but I don't know anything to conserve energy. I have only meditated once though so... Sorry I can't be more help. Let me know if you want the ones I know by heart.

any spells would be awesome! :)

I'll do the snow spell for now.
Oh Goddess of cold,
please send more snow,
A blizzard would be nice,
so make it as cold as ice,
so mote it be.

Do that a few times and it should work, it doesn't bring a ton, but a bit if you really concentrate

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