A Full Moon For Me

I am slowley getting myself back, and part of that has been the evaluation of my practices and spirituality. I have been dedicated to Pan and Hecate for nigh on 17 years, and they have slowly 'left me'. I haven't been able to see or hear Pan since my son was born, and Hecate as well since before his first birthday.

Someone made a comment on my page about my pondering of the reasons. I have felt the loss of them so heavy that I've questioned my entire existance. But I don't think this was their intention. The guy brought to light that I have made a huge transition from maiden to mother, and may be ready to move on to ones better suited for my life.

Things could very well be, and I feel that I should try something new. I feel pretty good about it, and this Full Moon I will ask the Gods to let themselves be known to me. I think that it will mark a new chapter in my life, as has been needed. I may have been clinging to the old instead of growing with this new life of mine. Change has always been very hard for me, but this will be a much needed change.
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

throughout our lives our needs, experiences, and our own selves change and thus the deities we follow will change with us. we may shed them or outgrow them, but we never forget the gifts and insight they gave us throughout our past journeys. in a way they will always be with you, watching you grow and flourish in your always changing life. the god and goddess for you in this new change will feel right when you meet them. meditate on it on the new moon and have Hecate open the doors for you. a new moon for a new change.

I like your analysis. Pan is all about parties and Hecate is all about darkness. Your time of life needs to be more about mothering and life. Ishtar, Inanna, Diana, or Brigid may be more affirmative for your life today. Shamash, Saturn, Zeus, Odin, or "Old Horny" may be a God more likely to be involved in your life today. Your plan for the Full Moon is a good one. May the Lord and Lady bless you and guide you.

Thank you. I had Diana or Inanna in mind. I have tried other gods recently but nothing took. I may consider Odin and Zeus among others.