I'm a Spiritual Pagan

I guess I could say I've always been a witch, I just didn't know that my feelings had a name or "title" until I was 19.  I'm 40 now, and I tend to refer to myself as Pagan rather than a witch (even though I am), so as not to be confused with being Wiccan, which I'm not.  Life is not one sided, there needs to be balance, and there's not enough balance in Wicca for me.  I refuse to believe that the Gods and Goddesses are going to punish me for wanting to serve justice on those who do bad things to good people.

To me, Wiccans are too political, and that's fine for them, it's not for me.  I'm openly "out of the broom closet" but I'm not preachy (I do try to explain my perspective though, just so that others may understand who I am), and I would never enforce my beliefs on anyone!  Some of my best friends are Christians, and they know I'm Pagan, and we love each other for who we are! 

I'm more of a spiritual Pagan, rather than ritualistic.  I've never been one to get the hang of rituals and spells, I'm just not good at them.  And I'm solitary, it's a matter of the soul for me, not a competition of who can be "witchier than thou".  That sounded judgmental, sorry.  I didn't mean for it to be.  I hope no one takes offense by that, it's not my intent to be rude.  Allow me to explain...  my family is Jewish, and I grew up seeing the very same behaviors in their synangogue, as well as every other religious establishment I've ever entered, and it's always disturbed me.  So it's just the matter of me seeking my own path, rather than following someone else's.  I hope I'm making sense.

I look forward to making friends in this group, and learning from you all.  Merry meet.

Blessings,   Bryn

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Hi Bryn,<br />
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A VERY Interesting revelation and post. I have been interested in Paganism for a couple years. I did meet other Solitaries about 1 year ago. They gave me some material to read. Later I met more Pagans--Spiritual Pagans--in other countries whilst a member of FB. <br />
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I'm too new and too in chaos to really settle down to LEARN of these things but I do, as I say, have friends of this genre and I love them dearly. They are patient with me as I try to find my way...<br />
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I gave up on Organized "Religion" in the 90's--was raised Xtian, so I know the drill. It's not for me any longer. I SO relate to American Native Spiritual Life that I have started a channel in YTube to meet others of this same interest, as well as American Natives...Again, I met so many wonderful peaceful giving people with a penchant for the Environment as well. I guess if I were to label myself Witch, I'd have to take the same route that you've described of yourself...Too much ritual or too much dogma about how I'm supposed to FEEL when hurt does not settle right with me..But again, I'm still learning.......<br />
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Oh yes, I'm also a sufferer of FIBRO and CFS and Osteo and the spine thingy and OY VEI...How fortunate we are, eh? =o/<br />
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Very Happy to make your aquaintence here---I've not checked and the date on this post is behind, You MAY be gone from EP..Yikes...In case not, Hail and hello and Peace be to You...)0(<br />

Hi LeatherRozes! Merry Meet! I'm still here, just not very often. I'm very pleased to meet you, too! It does intrigue me that I've met so many Pagans who do happen to suffer from medical madalies similar to my own... I often wonder why that is.

I have a few updates since my last post in 2008... In Summer 2010 I finally realized which Path is mine to follow, I'm studying now to become a Druid. Interestingly enough, since I found my Path, I'm now able to successfully work Majick, and I've also become a jewelry artist... a talent that I had NO IDEA that I had until last year, at the age of 42! From what I've learned in my studies, this is not a coincidence!

I think the Path you've chosen is a wonderful one, it's one that's always held a fascination for me! I have cousins who are part Native American, I'm sure I could pick their brains at some point to learn more from them, especially since they're my favorite cousins out of all my cousins!

Must sign off for now, hubby and I are sitting down to dinner in a few minutes. Write back anytime, I look forward to getting to know you!
Brightest Blessings!!! Bryn

DBA, I understand why you feel the way you do. I'm never able to connect with a part of any group where organized religion is involved, even if the religion is mine! I've always felt closer to the Deities on my own. It's much easier for me to reach within my own heart and celebrate from there, with my own words. To me, it's more honest and heartfelt. I think it means more when I offer myself in my own words. I hope that makes sense. Maybe that's a way for you to find your inner spirituality, which is an important thing to be in touch with! I've always felt my worst, my most lost, my most self-loathing when I let my spirituality slip away when I wasn't looking. I'm my happiest when I have a firm grip on my soul and my connection with the Deities. With all the illnesses I have, it's really easy for me to slip up and give in to despair, so I'm grateful I have my spirituality to hold on to, it's my life raft!

Spirituality has always confused me, I guess because I am not very spiritual, but I am interested in people who are spiritual. Perhaps that is partly why I fell in love with my wife, she is a witch with a coven of friends. I used to join in some of their rituals, but alas, just as I felt nothing whenever I attended a church, I also felt nothing joined with these pagans when they were casting spells. I do know well my sendoff though.......Blessed Be

i am natyive american and know a lot of good wiccans.. i am pleased to meet another 1 ty for youre story