~ Solitary Path ~


~ Solitary Walk ~

I walk this path I follow alone
On both sides I can see and hear others
But I am still alone...

Though the God and Goddess are with me
My path is still mine alone to walk
I must live and be who I am no matter what others think...

My path seems to be steep at times
And often hard to follow
The path not well marked...

Sometimes I must blaze a trail for my path
Because here others have never walked
And at times there will be others who follow me...

When the moon shines and the winds blow
I must continue to find my path
With the moonlight it is easier to find my way...

When I awake I must look for my path
I must follow it to its next turn?
And forever look forward to see its end...

When my path crosses someone elses path
Will I chose to follow them for a time? maybe
Will they chose to come follow on mine? possibly...

If I live my life following my path
Will others see the good I have done?
Will they chose to follow their own in a simular way?
Only time will tell...

My path is not what others normally chose to follow
Most prefer a well marked, well worn trail.
But mine is none of those...

Blessed Be !


70+, F
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