can anyone do spells/magic or are you just born with it? please just be truthful
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have you ever focused your intention on something that you wanted

Anyone can learn. It helps to have competent teachers. Like any human activity some have more innate ability than others. The others just have to work harder and practice more. Often you can find local teachers on line at They have groups and teachers listed by geographic area. There is an on-line wiccan seminary at

you can learn but some are just born with them

I believe that all humans are capable, we all have it somewhere deep in our hearts/psyche. It is just harder for some to tap into it. But once you do you can keep growing.

Anyone can cast a spell. No "if," "and," or "but".

I have some special habilities, and I also can cast some spells

Legends say that Diana, Goddess of the Moon, sent her daughter Aradia to teach magic to the first Witches, and share magical power with them. Legend says that the power of the Witch has been passed from elder Witch to young witch in each generation since that day. The teaching must be passed free of charge, for the Goddess gave it freely. Almost anyone can learn if you sincerely follow the old ways and receive the teaching and power from one who has been initiated into the mysteries.