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Hi As everyone else says I am a witch. I have been a witch for a very long time. Since I was very young. It was never a hobby like with my other friends but a life style. I see ghost and at times hear peoples thoughts. Lately i feel like the goddess has been trying to talk to me through my dreams. I used to get hypnosis done on me for past life and i found quite a bit about myself. I love nature. I am a gentle soul but can become a warrior when needed. My ultimate wish is to be a high priestess.

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6 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Hi there. How did the hypnosis work? Did you remember a big amount from your past life?

No worries. Does your mother goddess have a name though? I'm not really familiar with what each goddess or god does, or what they are named after, but the names are the things that help me remember who is which :P. My memory is bad, I'm sorry.

Sorry it took so long. The mother goddess it's weird she has been talking to me on and off.

Agreed...<br />
Though a hint of advice...listen to your dreams. I bet you'll find out more about yourself than you ever knew. *smiles a bit* and you say the goddess has been trying to talk to you? Which goddess is this? I may know her.

That's a given thank you.

I feel ya. though from my friends stand point I am too serious lol.