I Too, Am a Witch

It all started when I was younger. I didn't even know anything about witchcraft, really. I would line candles up in my room, in a circle, and would sit among them, thinking it was a fantastic display once they were lit. I felt that everything that was going on on the inside of the circle was different than anything going on on the outside of the circle. I felt that somehow, I truly didn't have to be anything I didn't want to be. I was where I was supposed to be at that moment. And when I was done, I would blow out my candles, and just sit there for a moment and pray, not to really anything or anyone in particular, but I had this set person in my mind. And it wasn't really anyone that I knew, not at all.

When I was 15 years old, my grandmother gave me her book of shadows, that she passed down to me. It had been given to her on her 15th birthday, and it had gone back a very long time. Perhaps since the start of our family. I was very proud of my religion, of my heritage, and who I was.
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funky man go 4 it it n enjoy life

you are so lucky!! i'm from the bible belt (nuff said, yeah??) and dunno if the bf approves or even knows about me. blah.

I commend you! You are lucky that you have others to share your Magickal world with. Enjoy!

I'm happy for you. You've found people who share your unique peculiarity, you're not alone, and that's grand.<br />
Keep doing what you're doing!