Am I A Witch? Naturally.

I cast runes of blessing and protection upon my children nightly. I cast Shelter and Protection on our home and reinforce the intent both on a nightly and lunar schedule. I have offered gifts of herbs and incense to the guardian spirits of the land I have befriended a wounded, enraged dog through meditative breathing and peaceful heart. I grew up in a haunted house and lived in another as an adult. I am not a witch because of study, though I wouldn't turn away the opportunity. I am a witch because that's always been my way, my instinct, my interest. I am no "Charmed"-wannabee (although who wouldn't love such a life?). I am a witch because I have always seen clearly what others see imperfectly or not at all. And I like it.

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Greetings to you as well, Firedakini. We have much in common. Welcome to my universe.

I havent practiced so to speak although I never studyed I have visions . My family origin is strong irish which is the reason for my gift I beleive . I never tell this only a handfull of ppl shared experance .Most importantly use it as a blessing and only for good