Six Months Of Torture

Not only did I knew, I even have to be a tool for her to spike her lover. Not only I did not do anything to stop her, I even have to call up another lover for her to simply stop crying. I kept using my child as an excuse for not divorcing with her. I kept telling myself maybe it's because of my night job and she's lonely, or maybe simply just because she had reached the age whereby she needed a lot of sex.

After many more excuses, I finally break. I became a wittol.
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If you love her, and you find any aspect of letting her have the experience of sex with another man arousing, then you can sit down with her and tell her that you are turned on by it, but that you want to work with her on how it happens/who it happens with. Believe me, if she's in any way reasonable, she'll be willing to work with you after she hears you're willing to let her have these experiences. However, if she's unreasonable, and she doesn't see the incredible opportunity you're presenting to her, and she doesn't care whether you have any involvement in this, then I'd leave her. Your son could never be better off in such a disfunctional home environmnent.

One extra thing. Once you are in a relationship where you are both willing to let each other have sex with other people, and you are communicating and participating together in these scenarios, the need to go out and get ****** by just anybody completely dissolves. My wife and I can have sex with anybody we like, but we've only had sex with about 3 other people each in the last 10 years. Since we know it's available, there's no sense of urgency to just leap at any old chance we get. This means you can take the time to find good people do do this with; people who get what's going on, and are OK with that.

What can you do? Choose a course of action that brings happiness to you. You plan to stay in this relationship and cry every night for the sake of your son. Are you kidding? Do you not think your unhappiness will affect your son? Take a step back, get a counselor to help you find alternate choices. Do not resign yourself to be miserable.

Please tell me how this has changed your life? Are you receiving any pleasure from it?

How could I be happy about it?

The whole concept of the hotlwife involves pleasure and sometimes even the wittol's participation. If you don't derive pleasure why not divorce her?

I'm doing this for my son. I doesn't want him to grow up in a broken family. Being autistic is bad enough, not to mention he doesn't have the love of two parents. After divorce, he will be faced with questions like why his parents live apart, why daddy / mommy only visits me on weekends, why can't we go out together...etc.

So I rather kept quiet about her using my hard earn money on clubs and motels rather than divorce, not to mention divorce in Singapore cost a bomb. All the cost of proceedings for the fights for my son is too much for me to take. I can only cried every night, thinking is this my fault? I try to be a good husband and take care of the family, but why she's still doing this behind my back?

Now and then I always heard the text alerts from her iphone that shouldn't exist, and her laughing after receiving each text. What can I do except keeping quiet?