My Current Status

I am a wittol. I cannot deny how much I am turned on by the fact of watching another man or more with my loved one. I have not decided to tell her I want this, because I only know that I strongly fantasize about it and it doesn't amount enough against the fear of the risk involved that might jeopardize our entire relationship.

I know her well enough that if I did flat out come out and say, "Hun, I am turned on by the thought of you having sex with other men" that she would accept it ultimately, but I'm not sure if she would actually let it be more than a fantasy. If she did, it seems like it would be a thing years from now when we are much older and spicing up things at that time like that could be a more entertaining thought to her by then.

So far this is what I have done/what she knows for certain:

She knows I favor interracial **** strongly. This is something relatively new to her as well. I only gained interest in interracial **** in the past year as I had with the wittol/cuckold sex life. She knows I enjoy watching white women with black men. We've even watched some together at my request before having sex, despite she has no interest in them. (Her favorite **** is lesbians, but she was bisexual with one girl in her life).

She knows I have enjoyed hearing about stories of her sexual past. I was thoroughly excited to listen to the details of her one and only MFM experience. Granted the one guy wasn't what she thought him to be so it wasn't all great and grand fireworks, but I'm sure it was still somewhat exciting to her at that time and still exciting for me know to her. To me the thought of her allowing one guy to penetrate from behind and the other to get a ******* was a mental picture she helped create by telling me about it.

She also has actively participated in selling her dirty panties on the internet. She would get kinda bashful when talking about it, but would follow my lead. If I wanted her to sell them she wouldn't protest against it. It was fun to hear her description of the men who were purchasing them as "weirdos", but she would then say it with a slight snicker in her voice. I think she enjoyed the excitement factor of that, but still would have some second thoughts afterwards saying things like "they are doing who knows what with my underwear". I could still push to sell her used undies but we don't because it wasn't being worth the time, so we don't now but we did.

I like to think about sharing her pictures with others, but realistically I know if I do then their is no turning back. What I mean is, once I put pictures out there, they are out there and that's a reality I always consider. I wouldn't want to put her in a position where the pictures could cause her problems, job interviews, etc. However, I still made as many preparations as possible to make it happen, like having my wife sign an agreement that gives me full rights to her likeness and use of her pictures for anything I want. I have several hundred pictures and videos of her nude, having sex, ********, ******* facials to choose from too. I actually know others would enjoy seeing this stuff too but just can't get over the hump of no turning back. That might change as time goes on and we both get older.

I have also pointed out to her several **** pictures that I have collected of the internet of white women with black men that are BBWs. She is a BBW and I have even been fortunate enough to find pictures of white BBWs that look pretty similar to her and have showed her them and asked what she thought of them specifically remarking to her that the women in the picture looked very similar to her, so much that someone that knows her may not be able to distinguish her from another women. She has seemed to become OK with this as she will joke sometimes that I'm looking at pictures of women that look like her, and she says this when it's obvious the women are with black men.

She also knows that I like to view the black man as superior to white men. This is partly due to white guilt from slavery, which I understand is not my fault personally, but I still feel OK with allowing black men extras nowadays to make up for the lack of respect in the past. I also feel, and she agrees that statically black men have larger penises than white men. While efforts are made to make white men feel that all men are created equal, the obvious fact remains, on average most black men have larger penises than white men. With that she also actively participates in small penis humiliation of me at my request. She was apprehensive about it at first, not wanting to hurt my feelings. I appreciate her thoughtfulness, but I told her it was OK and to have fun with taking a dominant role by using my SPH to arouse me sexually. I even bought african-american skin colored *****'s for us to use, one of which is huge but we can't really use it because it's too big.

I can only imagine what she thinks about the whole thing. Does she already know enough that if I were to finally admit my fantasy that she would actively embrace it because she is already doing so in a sense now? It's hard to know for certain but at least I wanted to share a good portion of my current status.
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I also just recently put it out there on my Christmas list to get me a male chastity device, much like a CB-6000 or The Curve. I can't wait!

I also asked her to not allow me to have sex with her for a whole week. I also asked her to make remarks that my penis was small if I tried to initiate sex, which I did twice over the week, and she did make say it was small, that felt wonderful. She agreed and it has been great to have her make me wait. I can't wait to finally have her allow me to have sex with her. I hope to have her really get into saying a few more things to humiliate me about my penis size.

Again I know I'm an average 4.25" flaccid and 6.5" hard, but I like to think I'm small. A small fish in a big pond. I like it like that. Especially when you see many large African-American penises such as I have through ***********.

Happy Holidays everyone!

My wife has learnt that sph can be a turn on,she has used me a few times to get ready for a larger lover,calling me over to get her hot & wet by having sex with just before her lover arrives,no ******* in her though.
By the time her lover gets there she's ready for the big one,to slide in nicely,without the pain involved of accommodating something that large !

I think that denial (not being allowed to **** you wife for a period of time) would be so much hotter if she's getting ****** by another man or men during that time. I think that would build up a head of steam that would be deliciously excruciating.