The Beginning

I’ve always heard that we are a product of our experiences and the things we read and accept. That might explain how I became a “wittol”. It was never by design, and it certainly wasn’t a lifestyle I sought out. I found myself in a relationship with a woman who was seeing other men unbeknownst to me. This, in itself, wasn’t an unusual or isolated event that occurs in daily life; but it was my response to it that made my situation abnormal by today’s standards and at odds with most of my friends and family’s expectations. When I found out she was cheating (another term to discuss later), I didn’t end the relationship as I and most would have expected, but after a conversation in which I disclosed I knew of her “unfaithfulness”, she told me she was glad I knew and that now we could decide how to deal with the future.
I had known about four days, but didn’t tell her I knew because she was out of town when I found out and the days leading up to her return and our discussion were gut wrenching and sleepless. Being a black man, raised to be “hard” and to withhold my emotions to not show any weakness, I just knew I’d have the conversation, cuss her and her lineage out, gather what items I kept at her condo, and leave to never glance upon her presence again ever in life. The conversation couldn’t have gone any different.
“Listen DeVon, you knew you weren’t the first man I had sex with, and you won’t be the last. The question you have to ask yourself is do you want to screw up what we’ve had for the past 18 months, or do you accept that you’ll not be the only person sharing my body. I love you; the others are friends that I enjoy physically.”
It was probably a statement that should have made me feel better but actually it made me feel worse. She loved me but somehow felt a need, desire, or compulsion to have others. Was it because I couldn’t satisfy her? Unlike some others in similar cuckold relationships, I didn’t have a small penis. I wasn’t packing 12 inches, but my seven inches was respectable. I hadn’t had any complaints from any of my previous girlfriends and had experienced Emily’s cries of fulfillment on numerous occasions. I had even worn nail marks on my back as evidence I was rocking her world sexually.
“DeVon, you knew about my past before we met. You knew I had a reputation, yet you still pursued me. So, this can’t be that much of a surprise to you.”
That much had been true. I had heard of Emily’s sexual exploits from many of my undergrad classmates, both male and female, but for some reason assumed that after we got together she had forsaken all others. Well, I must have forgotten the old adage about assumptions.
“How did you find out anyway?” she asked.
“You left your outlook open. I was going to send you a sexy email for you to help you with your rabbit. I remember how horny you get in hotel rooms. When I hit the keyboard, the emails between you and Jerome, Ian, Frank, and all the others were there staring me in the face. I couldn’t resist.”
“So……what do we do?”…………………………………….
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Thank you for the introduction. It's great to see another man who doesn't fit into the cuckold pigeonhole. So...
What did ya'll do?

We're still together! Go figure. I read similar stories and often think "this is pure bull shyt", but then I look at my own situation and have to admit, reality is often stranger than fiction.