Greetings fellow members. Its been a while but finally I have something to share on this forum. I have been for the last couple of years working on my wife to get her to go along with the idea bringing another guy into our bedroom, an occasional tryst sort of thing. I think we are now very close to achieving it. The ********* fantasy is a theme I bring up often during our love making. She get very turned on by it. The problem is, we did not have a suitable canditate for her. So, secretely went of Craigslist and posted an ad looking for a guy who would be inteested in this. I was overwhelmed bythe response, however I was looking for something specific. He had to be around my age, early 50's, not too close to where we live. So after meeting alone with a few guys, I picked one who thought would be a good match for us. One day I introdiced him to my wife as a guy who I met at work and who knew about gardening and landscaping and who was going to help me with ideas. He was in on my intentiions, my was not. A couple of days after his visit I told my wife he called me to compliment me on her looks and to tell me how lucky I was to have such a gorgeous you wife (she is 20 yrs younger than me, in her 30's). She was very flattered. That night in bed I began introduced him as the fantasy man for our *********. She was inmediately turned on by it. That was about three months ago. After all this time my wife is pretty much ready to make the fantasy a reality. Today, our fantasy guy is paying us a visit. She is willing to model some lingerie for us today and nothing else. It is a big first step.
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How did it go last night? I can picture your shy wife in her black bra and black string panties showing her best "assets" to another man.

Welcum to the club my's just a matter of time before your eating his sweet *** out of her used *****.....

Just an update. I just spoke to my wife and she is all nervous, but she is gettin all pretty for tonight. Shaving her legs, doing her hair, etc. this is all very exciting.

Good for her. Maybe a nice glass of wine would be nice for this evening too. What type of lingerie will she be modelling?

Victoria Secret of course. Black pantie and bra set. Panties are g string, very hot!

I would defientely like that. As a matter of fact she has expressed interest in being alone with him after we are all confortable with each other. It will not be tonight or tomorrow but I think its down the line.

I see your wife is a bit on the conservative side. Good luck today with the modeling.