The day after.

So, last night went pretty much as planned. My friend showed up at around six. We sat to talk about various things, we watched the early evening news and after some time went by, I told my wife that my friend had expressed the interested of having a ********* with us. She smiled broadly but embarrassed. She then went on to ask why us and if he had done this before and a number of other questions. He simply complimented her on her gorgeous looks and how lucky we were to have each other etc. By now my wife was sharing some facebook pics of her with him, and I said, I have the real good pics. He asked me to show him, I asked my wife if she it was ok. After some hesitation, she agreed and took the phone from me and picked the ones she wanted to show, of course most of them were nudes. I then suggested she go change and showed us the real thing, once again she hesitated, played hard to get but finally went upstairs to change into a robe. She came down and opened the robe and revealed herself in her sexy lingerie. I was able to talk her into removing her top and get between us, she did and as I kissed the back of her neck he sucked on her nipples. She shuddered with pleasure and stopped us. She said she was not ready for that yet. We stopped she went upstairs to change back into her jeans and tshirt. My friend got the message, he got up and said good night. Me and my wife had the most explosive sex last night. It was all a very exciting evening.
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Sounds as if you are well on the way. Just need your wife to succumb, or maybe just suck..

Thank you all for your encouraging words!

Your wife did very well for her first time with another man present. To sit between you two in her lingerie was a big step. An even bigger step was baring her breasts and allowing him to lick. I hope her interest remains high and that you have another get together soon.

Well, her interest took a downward plunge yesterday. She called me to tell it was all wrong and that we should not do this kind of thing. That was all before noon. Byt he time I got home she was watching MFM ********** on he phone, in bed wearing the same lingerie she wore two nighta ago, for our friend. Once again we had awesome sex thinnking about what happenned. I think its a matter of being patient so that she can turn me into her wittol. I am so looking forward to it.

thank you for your words of wisdom. I think she has gotten over her initial fright and now she finds it all very exciting. She loves re living the moment and is currently talking about a possible future date. I am of course, more turned on than ever.

Good for you my friend nothing wrong with baby steps don't want to **** these things up, great job.......

Thank you!