Long Time No See >:)

Back and ready for more killing >:)
wolfdestroyer wolfdestroyer
22-25, M
4 Responses Sep 12, 2012

Ur just a poser cuz seriously u have no proof and don't scare me AT ALL u make me laugh
So come get me I'm waiting

We all know that hunters are just another type of otherkin or roleplayer....

So for the two of you to lash out at each other is funny as fuckkk....

Or it means that these wolves are sooo bloody naive that they realky fear for their lives from someone like you.

If they are that naive it also proves they are Not very wise and are limp brained hahaha

Thanks for the laughs.

And I am still waiting for you to come get me but you must be scared. Haha

**** off.