I Hunt Wolfs Ok

Lel i jus hnt them cus they r mi enemi they destoyd mi famly so i kill u mtherfkrs i hat werwolvs dey mus dieeee n eni wolf is my enemi and all wolfs r big n stopid
lel dis nt a joke
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Spell much?


excuse me. but, i just have to ask. were you tripping on "Acid" when U clicked this story?
most of us do not speak, "Klingon."


I'd like to shout out to camohunter121, who has a magnificent set of balls and has taken some of the wsidom out of the brashness of this story and it's commenters. Super sick man. You'll go far.

Everybody is gone I wonder where they went? I can't even see them with me binoculars. They ran away so fast after they found out they were wrong.

I still think thi is a trolling attempt.

Yes as we've explained it was a joke to teach a lesson.

You're such a bright little star, monster.

I know a troll when I smell one....it's not that hard to tell really.

I shower. It's quicker than just taking a bath.

But baths are so chill, man!

So true.

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Hey NotSo add me your privacy setting won't let me.

If you're under 18 it might not, honey.
Try messaging me

I'm on a phone so I can't do very much.

I like this guy. I have under 18 block thingo.I'll takethat off if possible.

Thanks. One question though. What are you? Human, wolf or something else.

I'm a Sang. I prefer not to be definesd by that kind of thing though, bee. :)
And yes, aaalll womaann!

Alright aaalll womaann you are then.

From now on, you will refer to me as Captain Sexy and feed me grapes.

Ok Captain Sexy *starts washing grapes off*

Captain Sexy I still can't add you I try to but it says I can't.

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Your Gramma is terrible. I need to call the gramma police in yo wild hunting ***. One other thing...your a pthetic hunter

Once again she has very good grammer because this is a joke there are at least 10 comments saying it's a joke it's over people got a bit worked up. It's over.

Still terrible

It's a lesson that you can't jump to conclusion. You need to analize the situation and look at the person who wrote the story before you start tripping.

Man, you just keep ticking the boxes. Grammar* grammar* your* pathetic*, already have one cap, don't need another...

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I saw this earlier and I didn't think so many would blow up like that. Lol I was wrong~

I know right, first they're angry because she's a "hunter" then angry because she was making a joke.

I'm a pup and before she admitted it I understood. It was an ovious joke. I mean she has a story ON this same group saying that it was just to make people angry. Also for all you grammer nazis out there that story is in perfect grammer. Even when I'm not perfectly gramatical.

I knew Reg3n before she changed her name, lol I know it was a joke as soon as I saw her profile pic

Lol Morph

Sometimes the only way to learn is to first make the mistake. Granted, I respect that they did, but nobody is man, or wolf enough to admit that they blew up over something that in reality shouldn't have been an issue. This is the INTERNET.

Yeah. I admit to doing that a few times, though I can't really name when, nor do I particularly want to

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You're not correct after all. *Turns,shifts,walks away*

OKAY, KIDDOS. Fun's over.
This little test was put here purely for my enjoyment, and to prove a few points.
Everyone who didn't comment passed.
Everyone who called bullshit? You passed, but you got a B. (Morph doesn't count, he was in on the joke)
Everyone who commented starting this war of "lol I have nothing better to say than "learn to spell!", you failed. And now you look like the idiot you were trying to make me out to be.

Best part is, pretty much everyone on here claiming to be a wolf hunter, as for a majority of people on here claiming to be a wolf, are full of ****. As were the comments you posted. So lets do a little bit of self reflection and figure out why you all look like ******* idiots right now.

First up, the points I was trying to prove:
1. Your inability to just shut up and move on
2. Your inability to remain peaceful in the face of negativity
3. Your roaming a page that isn't even any of your business, looking for people to pick a fight with (everyone hates guys like you)
4. Hypocrisy.

Yep, pretty much everyone ticked all four of those boxes. I'll leave you all to call me whatever you like, further prove my points and tell me how to spell. Camohunter, i'd like it if YOU did this the most, with your atrocious display of vocabulary.

I passed too right? I totally did. I won! Yaaaaaa * confeti rains from the roof* now, whats the prize?


Look lady. I don't know who you think you are. But you need to go the hell away! Your little "test," isn't real. You're just a delusional crazy human. And someone who happened to **** off a bunch of werewolves and therian! Guess what the therian is pissed off the ******* most! Go. To. HELL!

Hahaha she is a crazy human isn't she? ^.^

Yes,she is. Morphisto,to whom are you speaking to?

true the three words are go to hell we are wolfs you've never seen us shift when we do so there you go your little test was pointless coz wolfs stand up to people like you

Really? Cause I don't.

.... She's pathetic.

Great my prize is angry people I think I'll just leave now.

The prize is that you're not an idiot who hides behind the hilarities of name-calling. And Ilike you.

Goldie, I did come to your aid a while back.

Also, I'd like to point out that my test is only as real as your being wolfkin. How real THAT is is up to you.

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By the way,learn how to ******* type! Not that YOU could do much harm anyway. Don't worry I've signed you up for an insane asylum.

Damn you go girl

lol go girl

HAHAHAHAHAHAH. Oh God. Even after everyone who is'n't full of online ego pointed out that this was a joke, and AFTER I pointed out why I made this story, people are still going so as not to appear as stupid as I made them out to be. Kudos, Goldpaw, for being such a fab keyboard warrior. x

Three words lady: Go. To. HELL!!!


come after me and my pack i swear to god you will have it i will destroy you or my friends that are wolfs even that aren't my friends that are wolfs you wont see another day of life

lol i gon kil u cuz u a wolf n u bad cuz wolfs bad i hnt wolfs

trust me your the bad person here

Omg she's a dumbass. She won't do anything

Does anyone realize that this is a joke? I mean she has a story on here about how the group was there to annoy people. She's joking.

That would explain the not spelling right

thanks greywolfpaws13 and you do need to learn english before answering back like she said get a tutor

She seems kind of cool.

Why do you always do that face? The :o)

Ya I know I've seen it all the time. Kind of like stivexwolf's thing that he says.

Wolf 911, I'm proud of you.

lel wolf r so bad dey da enemi i kil wolfs wolfs kil peple and peple r god

Oh no please don't hurt me. Your the best hunter evar, there's no one who will stop you. All mighty hunter. *bows to you* the wolven race is finished.

wolfs only kill people if people they bother them and p*** them off

Learn how to type!!!! *Grabs a stick* Here lil human,human,human. You gonna fetch the stick?

No she is the Hunter. Hunter with a capital H. Were all dead. She'll kill us all. We are no match to her.

lol to greywolfpaws13
and yeah learn how to type lol to goldpaw
yea we are match for her there is more of us out there then she thinks wolf911 if we all come together we can kill her in one not hard x

It was a joke all along look at the recent comments. I said it was a joke earlier in this thread as well. You can calm down everybody it's over. Jeez.

Please. Hunter vs Wolf,Hunter is dead. Some people on here who say they're Hunters are just taunting you. If they were real,they'd keep a low profile,and ACTUALLY ......kill wolves. They wouldn't ACTUALLY go around posting stories of what they are and what they... Do. Hunters wouldn't have the time to even get on the internet I suspect. Hunters are cruel. Most "Hunters," on here are just role players.

we arent going to calm sown thought are we

All this is making my morning.

Isn't it beautiful? A symphony of all the ***** i give.

I cant believe they are THAT dumb. I mean obviously it was a joke. Even the tools and trolls don't write THAT bad.

what's funnier is that Goldpaw is 13-15. I think I might go stir some more sh*t up. In for a penny, in for a pound!

Now you both understand why im a trolling b¡tch sometimes.

Bro, I did this **** before it was cool. ;)


I been doing it since I was 19 thats how I got the title big bad *****.

Good work there, buddy. Have a cookie.

Y'know what? Mee tooo.

Wait... Someone's handing out cookies?? I want a cookie!!

Hey did I miss the cookies?

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Seriously jeez learn how to spell then mabey you will be a threat. Well you know probably not

Shhh! You're ruining all the fun! xD

Lol wolf r mi enemi u r wolf den i hunt u


Also, maybe*


true get a spelling teacher or something





i always help wolfs xx


wolfs rule and humans are cruel

wolf r bad humns r god we kil wolf wolf r enemi

your the enemy and will you please learn english and learn to spell before you answer back
you cant kill wolfs for the sake of it

Nice punchline Cheza,mind if I use it?

go ahead goldpaw and thanks

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First learn to spell then come back

hehe go CanisLupusAlbus

This is either fake or hacked. I'm calling bullshit.

Actually it's the word of the century. :)