I Am Accailia, A White Wolf

I knew I have always been a wolf... ever since I was 11 Years Old,  now I'm 14 and I have really odd accusations.... An unresistable urge of wanting to run everywhere.... My life always wasn't so good... I had to move to Massachusetts from Florida and live with my  grandma..... So the other day my cousin who's 10 Adam I actually bit him TOO hard and he cried..... Could anyone understand? In school I have only maybe 3 friends ....... I even can bark, growl, howl like a REAL wolf its crazy........ When I get mad I feel like biting and ripping to shreds....... Also when I get angry I slam stuff and go outside and run up my huge rock in my back yard and its surrounded by coyotes so, I just sit up there growling for a while then I calm down after a few. Also people that are my friends call me Wolf Girl and howl at me asking all of these questions!!!! And I have a feeling I died when I was a wolf by being shot in the leg and bleeding to death and coming back as a human being, and it stinks being human. I can hear really good and smell good for a human being. And when I run, I run really really fast no one in school is faster than me!!!! I have a pack and I am a beta pup! I recently got picked up by my uncle and when he did, I bit his arm and just hanged there and he was like "Ow ow ow please get off ow okay I'll stop! Also one more thing, On full moons I howl at it and go crazy and one time I attacked my cousins really hard and they were scared..... Also it's weird but on full moons I look at it and cant stop staring at it.. I cant control myself at all and have these really weird sharp pains in my ribs and legs! Ruff o3o

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Staring at the moon, I do it too. But I do not howl at the moon. It's just a myth that wolves howl at the moon. They howl to symbolize the bond between the pack.

. i even can bark,growl,howl like a REAL wolf its crazy..<br />
<br />
well a wolves dont bark.<br />
and if you like me calming down only makes me made later. im part wolf i howl,growl infact sometime i pick my kids up with thare clothes in my mouth and i take them to the car like that.<br />
i dont know what i can do

kidchaos wolves do bark, look it up, usually its to tell other wolves to back off, as a warning.

thank you..

i do know that the pups bark

Attempt to calm down for a while and just listen to your inner wolf, it will tell you what to do.

do you think im a wolf? or type of werewolf?