I Have Always Been A Wolf

I have been a wolf since I was born. I am just trapped in this human body. I have always been different. I bark, growls and howl. I am shy, almost scared of human. People thinks I am crazy but I know who I am. I have trying to hide it for so loong and I don't know when I can't hold my wolf back anymore, some times I loses my control and get angry. Thats when peolpe really think I am crazy, but I was born this why and I can't help it. But I love my wolf. I would not change it for anything in the world. I somethimes whish that I was normal but I never wants my wolf to leave me. The only time my wolf is going to leaves me is when I die and that can take many years. I am a pup. And I am learning how to survive! People thinks I am depressed but I am only depressed that I can't come out of this human body and be free. I think something happened in my other life. The life befor this one. I keep seeing this film in my head. I am running on all four, I know I am beeing hunted, some one is after me. I can feel my tale, I can feel my legs and my pawns flying under my body trying to get a way from the horrible thing that is going to happen... But I am not fast enough. I am running in the woods, it is night and it is foggy. Then something jumps at me from my right side and take me down and everything goes black. This is actually private for me but I trust you guys who feel th same why as me.
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18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 30, 2010

do you know what attacked you? also was it just you, or were you with a pack? because it sounds familiar

Thank you shorty777

I know exactly how you feel, I have had several visions from a past like just like you. I am almost out of my pup years, and I am exactly like you in so many ways. I understand how you feel about not being able to leave your human mask behind and become your true identity, since I too wish that. We all have a similar quality, and as much as we dislike being this way we must embrace what we use to be, and what we still are. Your wolf is your guardian, your guide, your second self. It is a link to the past, and to what you will soon become. Continue to learn your survival skills pup, you may be great one day.