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i am kyle lunarioum since birth i dream of the moon it cold air touching my face as i walk the face of the moon i saw ruins of and ancient city but i us thought there were dream nothing more after that time is stared to look up at the moon each night after i enter high school the dream became stronger stroger something beating inside told me wat i am a wolf after accept my birth right memorys came rushy back wat was the moon the grate kindome ones stood there in all it magesty so i took apone myself in my dream to ribuild the great city i wish for all the wolf in human body to hear no to anser my howl to come back to mother moon come to us let rebuild our magesty city our sactuary i am the whit wolf the king of the moon
kylelunarioum kylelunarioum
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I name is SwiftShadow because my spirit animal is a black wolf who runs faster than all other wolves. I will follow you wolf-king and be a warrior to protect your glorious kingdom.

i will stand beside you when i'm older and have more control, wolf king. my name is DarkLight.

I do not think I am a wolf, but I love them so much! I think wolfs are fun, warm and protective. I would love to have a wolf friend or wolf friends, thats if they appeal to me! ^^

i will go forever i have always felt never from my mother and i was a human with wolf ears and tail i will be a warrior for you and also i know a lot about meicine i can also be i healer a wolf queen came to me in a dream said i was her daughter and showed me my old home she said these final words before she faded find you brother and sister and i will meet you again

I the same feeling i just don't belong with human sociaty i belong as a wolf i have a spirt animal it is a femail wolf she speaks to me every day as i sleep and before i sleep i stare out the moon wishing i was with the wolfs howling at it. My spriat animal says my journy starts when i die and am reancarnated as a femail wolf. this is stange because i am a non gay man. But if that is to be my destiny then i would rather be that then a stuck as human when all we humans do is destroy this earth and desimate its wild life. I will folow you and maybe we will meet in another life as wolfs.

i stand beside you though i am only 14 i have the same thing as you i entered high school this year and the dreams get more indepth and my sprit animal, a feamil wolf talks to me just about every night my journy starts when i die and am reancarnated as her. This is strange cause i am a guy and am not gay. I would pick being a femail wolf over sufering the pain of being stuck as a human for a whole life time.

i am a white wolf. i am planning an army for people who wish to escape society and become wolves. I have a black wolf as a general and a gray wolf whom is my second general.

I stand beside you. I will go to you and be a warrior for life.

My name is Eclipse, and i will help to defend your great city, wolf-king.

i am with you and the same with me but i never heard of you being the king so

Hello my wolf friend ^_^ wow that is pretty intense have you ever read of the planet were supposebly all dogs came from ? sounds like you are a soul from over there in this planet big.<br />
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