I'm Not Crazy?

I've seen a lot of stories about people who feel like a wolf. They mostly talk about dreams. I have never, ever, had a dream about wolves, but I feel like one. Whenever I see videos of wolves or pictures of wolves or any recording, my chest aches so much because I feel like I need to be with them. I often sit for long times and think about my paws on the forest floor. I even act like a wolf, going so far as to walk on four legs when I am alone. Anyone I can talk to?
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I am 14 and I am the same I can't stop thinking of them I draw them I dream of them and sometimes when I am alone I ealk around my house as alpha and my dog respects me

i think of them and draw them its wierd but i think its possible but if u tell ur friends they think ur crazy

I love walking on four legs, it feels so much more natural...what the heck are arms? :)<br />
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I have lycanthropy, but I let it out. I guess I am insane...

i feel the same everytime time i see a picture of a wolf i feel so trapped and restrained i feel like i want to run outside and feel the wind on me. i crawl around on all fours sometimes cause it feels more natural to me, i have had a wolf like dream two actually. i was outside in the first one and howling at the moon like i was calling out to someone. the other i was running in the rain and i was scared like something was chasin me and i knew it was dangerous. maybe memeries from my wolf life

I am the exact same as you! I have never had those dreams, but inside i feel the heart beating of a wolf. I can't help it, when me and my dad wrestle i just want to sink my teeth in his shoulder because he is so much more stronger than me. I want just want to get away from this human world. i want to live with the wolves. Sometimes, when i can't contain the wolf inside, i step outside and howl. My mom thinks i'm crazy! I feel so trapped and alone, but when i came upon this, i didn't feel so alone anymore, so i thank you.

Talk to me!!

I feel your pain. There is an actual disease called lycanthropy. It is a mental disease. It causes the victim to think they are a wolf. It can cause depression, too. KEEP IT IN. if you let it out, it will cause you to go insane and your mind will be dominated. There have only been a few cases where people just lose it and live in the forest and attack people. Im feeling it, but i have plans in the future and will use this disease to my advantage. I am a young teenager but have always loved wolves. Dont ever let anyone say your crazy. the disease only affects a few hundred. Im actually happy i have it. It lets you stop thinking about money and popularity. I really enjoy it. but sometimes, i am sad and want to sink my teeth into something. Or when my friends and siblings try to fight me. I lose it when i fight. Oh well :) i hope this info helps. Talk to me anytime... :)

I agree with Gaeaschild.

Don't listen to YeahSure, he's just a troll, we are who we are, it doesn't matter what he thinks

i never said i was "a wolf" but I feel like one. I think that's the idea here, we've got a human side. :)

If you were a wolf, you would not be on this site right now. You would have 4 furry legs, claws, paws, a long snout that slobbers, a fluffy tail, and beady blackish eyes. You would eat raw meat. You wouldn't physically have the brain capacity to be here. Maybe a wolf is your spirit totem or you have been a wolf in a past life, but honestly. Face the facts- you are human.

I love walking on four legs, it feels so much more natural...what the heck are arms? :)

me too except i have the dreams