I have always love wolves. Mainly everytime I dream, I have one about them. There are two pups and a mother wolf. I ask her where the father is, but she just looked down. I could tell that the cubs didn't have one. So, I play with them, and I have never told anyone about this. I know that a Red Wolf is my spiritual animal, bacause the pups are that type, but the mother is a gray wolf. I don't get why? I really need someone to help me in this.......
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My fursona is a black wolf with one white paw, white eyebrow marks, and is covered in white flecks down her spine, like stars in the night sky. Her name is SkyDust.

I am a black wolf, shadow and has no pack

My spirit animal is a dark brown wolf with moss green eyes. She is lonely and has no pack. In my dream I am in her body running through the woods when a pack jumps out and tries to attack me. I normally run away from the wolves

I dream about a white wolf but it doesn't have a name

i dont know mine. i have dreamt of a grey wolf called storm, is that me?

It feels right to talk about this here, i see no critacism! I have had dreams of this too. I have always started out running fast. I would see a few trees and then i would be in a deep forest. I remember seeing a dark wolf but he wasn't black and I would run with him to this place where there was another wolf and some pups. It was really fascinateing being able to run with them. I have always been a wolf.

my wolf is an alpha . shes also aggressive and beautiful . she is pure black with silver eyes. its strange because her name is also midnight. shes fiercly protective of her pack.and hates having her dominance challenged..

My wolf is an Alpha her name is Midnight. Shes very aggressive and beautiful. She looks black but if you see her in the sun her fur looks almost red. All her paws r snow white along with the tip of her muzzle. her eyes are striking. And depending on her mood they are either red, gold, green or blue. Her pack means everything to her and she doesn't like having her dominance challenged

My spirit is an arctic wolf with a scar on his right paw, mainly that is there because once my pencil poked out of my pocket and when my hand ran across to quickly it scraped my hand and it was bleeding everywhere. Today it is a scar.

I have a Grey Timberwolf spirit. I don't tell anyone else this because everyone thinks I'm crazy. I always dream of running in a pack & hunting all night long for eternity is that unusual?

I don't think so

funny cause my spirit is a white wolf with a black streak on her back my family has explained to me that im a demon


Well, it is a beautiful dream. I guess the gray she wolf represents maturity and stability (gray, as opposed to black and white which is extreme...) and the red wolves are young, full of energy and passionate curiousity...