Mistreated And Misunderstood.

             I have always had a really big family, and back when I was younger they all use to fill up the old house. Always a lot of commotion and people in and out of the rooms. Even with all of them there I felt all alone like I did not belong or that I was just invisible. Growing up I haven't had a lot of friends the most friends I had was probably three, not all at once either, 2 were not good friends to me at all and the 3rd friend and I grew apart when she was held back a year and got into drugs. I was, and still am, different from people around my age. When they ask if I do anything, like drugs or even smoke, I tell them the honest truth "Nope! and I Never will." I can't stand drama unlike them. I respect everyone even the ones who disrespect me may loose my respect, but that does not mean I won't be polite to them still, I don't hold grudges. The only time I am mean to anyone is if they start something and keep going with it after I tell them to stop. Being alone my whole life gave me some serious time to think a lot about many different subjects. Which might be one of the reasons why I might be different.  
           I'm not sure if I heard of wolf stories when I was little or not, but even if I had I admired wolves then because of that connection, because I admired them for their beauty and mysteriousness to others. 
           A few times back when I was 8 years or younger I had dreams of wolves. I had two separate dreams about wolves and mostly every night I had the dreams. Though I don't have the dreams anymore I still remember the dreams clear as day. One of the dreams I remember the most was; I was walking outside along the fence that led out back': My back yard is pretty big with a pretty decent size of woodland out about a yard or so; the shed was a hundred feet away from where the fence ended. I could see something laying on a stump, a little past the shed. At first I had no idea what it was I was cautious of my foot steps to make no sound. When I was close enough to see what it was I lost all my breathe and my chest seized. It was a midnight black wolf asleep on the stump only a few feet away from me. I held my breathe as if to attempt to make myself lighter and quieter. I started to back up slower then I had approached. The second time I lifted my foot and, without noticing, placed it on a branch which snapped under my weight. My heart sank to my stomach. I looked back at the wolf, from looking at the branch beneath my foot, he was still laying down. But suddenly from in front of the stump appeared the faces of four or five red wolves that were covered in leaves the same color as them. The black wolf was now standing full attention on me growling almost snarling. The four or five other wolves stood up and copied their alpha, taking a few steps toward me. I turned around and ran for the house. The wolves right behind me, I opened the gate and as it slammed behind me I rushed to the storm door, the wolves leaped over the railing of the gate I opened the inside door and ran inside the black wolf nearly grabbing me by me ankle. I don't understand what it could possibly mean hopefully I'll find out sooner or later..
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i'm quite interested in your wolf dream. i had one recently that sounded a little bit like yours. in my dream, i was in my back yard and i could hear howling. the howling got louder and louder until i could actually see a pack of wolves walking through the forest in front of me. most of the wolves looked like they could've been red wolves but then again they might've just been coyotes... i'm not really sure. but i remember spotting a black wolf and a white wolf among the pack. the pack just kept moving, not really taking any notice of me. but then the black wolf and the white wolf broke away from the pack and charged at me, snarling viciously. and i too, ran back to the house and slammed the door behind me. i don't remember what happened after that nor have i had a dream like that since. i'm still trying to figure out the meaning of it myself. anyway, i wish you luck finding out the meanings of your dreams

you too good luck

your lonly but have a good hart you will make someone happy and hopefully you will make more freinds