I Dont Know How To Say This....

im new to this group, i dont know how to explain this, but every scince i was little, ive had a love of wolves and dogs. and the day after i turned thirteen, it was midnight, i had a seizure, and i didnt know it was happening till my mom started looking at me like i was possesed XD, i looked in the mirror and i couldnt see the white of my eyes, only my iris(the colored part) and my pupil, so my mom was looking at me like i was some possesed person, and ive had weird dreams about becoming a wolf, i know it sounds crazy but most of you have probably already had this experience -.-, so i guess it doesnt sound crazy to you all. Im usually dont like being around people, cuz i know they wont ever understand me, it seems like noone does i hate having a secret that you want to tell someone but you just cant, because they would send you to a mental hospital 
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Wow, I understand you, most of us would have this same thing if we tolled someone. Of course I will not tell a human soul :D. And I do think you might be a therian.

I get randomly cold sometimes to, actually I don't even think you could call it being cold but I start shaking no matter how warm it is! It's weird lol

Lol yeah you could say that

thats weird lol, me and you are kinda the same when it comes to temperature XD

Oh because at times I just get really cold if the a/c is on and I'm drinking something cold it can be like 90 degrees out and it takes awhile to get back to normal but I have had the feeling of hot and cold all over at the same time

I get that sometimes too, actually I get that ALL the time, i hate it...

but i was shivering/ shaking :P what ever you wanna call it

i dont know what i felt really :p i was just cold and hot all over at the same time, it was really weird

Did you feel cold?... I know how you feel about having this secret if I told anyone around where I live they would probably lock me up or shoot me

But thax for the help ^^

i dont know if if was a seizure, i just had a weird/shivering feeling all over, so im just guessing it was a seizure :P


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