Wolf Spirit In A Human Body

I had to swich my acount again since I had a virouse (I was once Zaniol1 and whitewolfspirit, but now I'm whitewolfgirl77).

In my last two posts you may have moticed that I was talking about the earth and about forming a pack. I'm not realy good with personal stuff, but i'm going to try to tell you about myself in this post. I've known I was a wolf since fifth grade. No one in my family knows I'm a wolf and I like it that way. I care about my mother the earth and my siblings the wolf. Humans annoye me and I can't stand being in this body.

The only member in my pack is a female white dog I consider to be my sister. She may have a dog body but her heart is pure wolf. There was once another member of my pack a male white dog I considerd my brother. He was hit by a car and now his spirit roams the forest waiting for me and my sister to return to him. He was and always will be a true wolf in my eyes.

I don't really know my wolf form but I do know that I'm a brown female. I don't have dreams of being a wolf or anything, but i wish I did. It gets lonely being the only wolf in my town, but I've goten use to it. The humans think I'm crazy because I act like an animal. I learned to not care about what they think and to focuse on becoming the best wolf I can be.

I love to howl, it makes me feel so alive. I've howled before and I'm going to keep howling. Some of us have lost, hiden or are scared of there howl. Just forget about what the humans think and howl. There's nothing to be ashamed of for being what you are.

I growl when I'm angry and i bite and claw if I feel thretened. These are things coman amunge us wolves. I don't have much else to say but be who you are and be proud that you are a wolf.

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I here 2

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I am a wolf, too. I have seen my wolf form, and I know that I am an alpha female. I am a white wolf with ice blue eyes.

I am shocked to find out that my story is identical and it kinda freaks me out

Don't worry. To get your mind off it, try shifting. I have shifted into a wolf. I loved it. Try it.

how do you shift into a wolf?
for the 1st time

I would have to add this to you guys that this is consider a devil deeds. As i can see you all believe in that a wolf is inside you. But there is not a wolf inside but instead the devil works. Hear me out please since you can see supposely wolf spirits and think there is wolf spirits dont you think there is a God? A Holy Spirit ? Throught the history people claim to see spirits . Have you ever thought are these spirits good or bad? Some may say good but look at reality your howling clawing and biting people because they know there is not such things as wolf spirits. John 3:16 For God so love the world He sent his one and only son.For who should believe in him should not perish but having ever lasting life . i hope u come and pray to Jesus Christ and ask him to remove these evil spirits
pretending to be wolfs.

Please die, please

Is there a disheart???

I think th er is a god.

Do you really think God is really coming back? You will die waiting for his return... He came already it says he lives in us there for he is already here palms 82 I hate talking about people's beliefs I can't stand people I apologize... But have so much rage...can't stand people always judgeing... If I could would rip them all apart... I'm at Facebook if you want look at this hybrid wolf stuck in this body...you may do so thank you ******* joke ughhh

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I have wolf dreams and if you want one think of a wolf I get mine nomader what I have a werewolf soul

I am in NJ we have a few of us here a pack we know each other the second we met who what we are NEVER let them say your crazy they do not walk in your shoes nor do they dream running in the woods smelling the crisp air the ground beneath them the smell of trees surrounding them we know it and we know it well we are here and we are proud

I am right i the same forest with u there sister im a lonely alpha and everybody thinks im crazy

Hi I am a wolf too. My wolf name is Lightning and I am a black wolf with amber eyes. Everything you described above is exactly how I feel. I discovered I was a wolf in 5th grade also. I am so trapped being a human. I hate humans so much. Everyone hates me because I act like a wolf and most humans hate wolves. I growl, scratch and even bite when I am angered or threatened and I get in a lot of trouble. People think I am crazy and I tried telling my parents and they think I'm crazy too, they send me to a psychiatrist now. I love too howl and the moon escpecially when its full makes me powerful. I have had visions about my past life as a wolf so i'm searching for my pack still but I'm really lonely because I don't know any other wolves. Hopefully one day all of us wolves will be able to unite. I am still waiting for the day when I can finally get my wolf body back. Good luck my fellow wolf. Stay strong and don't let the humans get you down. I hope you find you pack. May the wolf spirits light your path.

anyone of them from florence, or?

how do you know for sure you have a wolf inside of you?

Hey, I have a friend who's also a wolf and has the ability to see other spirits other than wolves and he claims that I am a white wolf pup. He can see his spirit but I can't. I don't know how to tap into my wolf spirit.. but anyways I was wondering if we could talk more about your life! it seems rather interesting!

Brown Female, white male, and female???........GREAT LUPUS ABOVE YOU AND THE WHITE WOLF WERE IN MY DREAMS WE CAME TOGETHER IN A PACK!!! We hunted in a forest. We found more wolves eventually and were in a massive pack in a remote forest. VISION OR A MESSAGE YOU AND THE OTHERS WERE THERE!!!

I am so compactly drawn to the wolf it have bean my favorite animal snits forever. my friend has a Canadian timber wolf as a pet and i babe sit him wen my friends go away he dos as i say no questions asked and i feel so cram around him i have done meany quizzes on my spirit Gide and it always comes up as a wolf not until last week i was lying in my bed doing nothing relay but I header a wolf howl i live in the UK were there are no wolves thanks to the stupid parsed ansesters but i still heard the howl i am intrigued by it and wont to know what it is about so i went to the native american book shop how is run by a native american an he told me it is more than likely i was a wolf in the last life tow i know that's not trow or i have a wolf as my spirit Gide and he/she wonted to make themselves known to me

I believe that everyone has an animal spirit deep within.
Personally, I hold a wolf spirit. Animals have always taken to me easily and not many people can understand it. I am a loner, and am not in contact with anyone other than myself that feels this way. Good luck, hopefully you will find others.


I believe that as well but I don't believe in the personalities like "Libra" and "Gemini" I believe we all have our spirits and our own animal personalities. The animals -Mammals-Carnivores-Wolves-Bears-Foxes-Herbivores-Deer-Elk-etc.-Omnivores-....don't know any...---Birds-Owls-Ravens---Reptiles and Fish-Sharks-Piranas-Newts-Chamelions---------and all kind of the same as the personalities for example animals that are hard to see or are hide= shy---animals like wolves, foxes or bears= bravery,loyalty,slyness-----ravens and owls= sneaky, or wise

Pyrpkill3r!! I also go by the name pup ^-^ !! I have a white wolf spirit!.. So I've been told by my friend who has a black wolf, and he can see other spirits as well! I just can't seem to see my puppy :// which gets me a bit upset b/c I've had other real close friends who see their animal spirits and sometime each others... I take pictures and was able to capture my friends black wolf spirit on camera during the night... but I was wondering if you can see your spirit. -Wolfina

I am 12. Yeah, a little too young for stuff. But I feel I am old enough to be a Spirit Wolf. I hate birds and always keep catching them. My parents don't like when I doing that, but I see the birds as enemies, and wanna kill them. I believe I have a Pack in another World, and I am here to help the wolves to survive from humans. I know that I have a Wolf Soul, and I am gray with a little white in me. I have green-gray eyes. I love to howl, I use it as a voice for sending messages to my Pack, far away. I imagine my hands as paws, and when I gets angry, I bites everything! When I was little, I bite everyone in my class! Sometimes I even bites myself. I hate when I'm doing that, but I just can't stop it. I say, that if you are a Wolf-In-Soul, you can shift to wolf form when you are near your own death. But don't even think about trying to kill yourselves!! That's not what I mean. I mean, we...or I used to think, that I am some kind of Protector Of The World. So, if we are near death, we can save lives, by changing form. I know, that I am Special! My mother can't give birth and I am born in this fact! I think there is Magic in us!

i so get that at times

can someone help me... I have a wolf spirit and it is great, but when ever someone gets me really mad I lose it and will hurt even those I care about. Has this ever happened to anyone else? If so how can I stop it or control it better.

Go for a.walk around your territory and just listen to nature that's what I do when.I want to kill

i get that to i dont fisikly hert i just say something and upsets everyone

The same thing happens to me. I love being a wolf and it gives me many amazing qualities but it also gives some bad qualities. I am loyal and want to always protect my friends but when I get mad I lose myself and just attack everyone and everything. Many of my friends have gotten hurt. I have clawed all of my friends hard enough to draw blood and sometimes even bitten them. I care about my friends and don't want to hurt them but I can't control myself. I hope we can find a way to control it someday.

I find it best just to go away and take it out, I have learned personally you never want to bottle it up as they say, just try to do something you love

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Maybe you can help me I found my mate and she is letting that human run her life she is all I think about and I've been howling at the moon everynight I need her back she is the only one that keeps me calm. I don't know what to do I lost my mate and my puppies I need them back does anyone have advice for me

I am a wolf also. I've known I was different from a young age and am overly annoyed by humans(and any ape or monkey species). When I first entered Elementary School, I had a need to bite everyone(except the teachers) who I didn't know, in either a threatening or domineering way. A dog I used to live with named Roxy, I could tell had a wolf spirit within and was very motherly and protective. She acted like I was her pup and cared for me dearly, keeping me close to our home, within her line of sight, and made sure I wasn't harmed. Around middle school, I started wanting to run on all fours. Once, when the bell rang for us to return to class, I was on the far end of the school and started running on all fours back to class. About half way I realized what I was doing and stopped. I still hope to run like that again someday but so far, I haven't been able to as good as I did that day. I love to howl but unfortunately I must keep quiet. I can only howl when I'm now alone. I sometimes feel phantom limbs. I always feel wolf ears on my head and feel a longer muzzle, one that is more of a canines and I feel like I can move them, as if they are actually attached and usable. I have also felt paws and more powerful legs than my hands, my human legs, and arms. Since a young age to my now age of 17, I am an outsider to human society, a loner, and hope one day, after this human shell dies, my soul will return to its original form and be with its pack...my pack.

Moonlightroses1 I'm the same with the phantom limbs and running, like yesterda in p.e. We were playing mat ball and I wanted to run on all fours. I have so much energy if I don't, ad if I do I don't have anywhere to run, and it's so crammed in the house so it's hard to and if I chase my cats on fours I end up hitting and running into everything, the urges jus seem to get worse and worse that I'm afraid I might actually change or shift, but will have no where to run ...

Hey guys, im 14, and for a few years now ive had loads of dreams about wolves and my 'inner wolf' Rose, my sense of smell and sight and hearing is amazing.. i feel connected to the earth and calm around water.. but im alone and dont know what to do. Please, someone help me?

I have so many connections that makes me feel like I´m a part Wolf.. and I have actually had one dream when I were a wolf. It was the most connecting dream I have ever had, Like finally finding yourself, like if you had been trapped for 100 years. However the dream was about me as a wolf/werewolf don´t really know, I was hunting what I think was a human and I was running really fast around him in circles about a 10 meter distance from him. I have never felt so close to myself, to bad it only lasted for about 5-7 seconds..

Me too! I don't hate being human, but it can be strange at a certain time of the month. Mine ALWAYS coincides with a full moon so I'm sure you can imagine. I had a pack before I moved on to another place. They were great. It took them awhile to accept me as I am: a mute wolf, but they were awesome once they did. My parents didn't understand at all. Someone told them to cut out my tongue so I wouldn't howl, and the crazy bastards actually did it. Needless to say I kept my true self hidden from them for a long time. I found this site while trying to explain to a friend what a spirit wolf is and what I am, I'm glad I found it!

Never be scared of who you are. It is fine to be quiet and not speak around humans (I do it myself), but never let anyone tell you you're not what you are. The worst thing that can happen to a wolf is for us to lose our howl. Once the howl is gone it's nearly imposible to get it back. Be true to yourself and never lose your howl.

Wolves I feel ur pain but enjoy ur power unlock that side that is trap in humanities ignorance I am also a lone wolf but ive manage to unlock my senses. My sense of smell, hearing, sight, taste, touch, and my strength and also my mentality have increased in a outstanding way. I know the secrets the power of the moon trust in it wolves

How did you unlock all that stuff? I'm still confused by a lot...

Yeah how do you unlock it? I would love to know ( not being sarcastic)

i am similar to you - whitewolfgirl77- in so many ways...i am very different to my family and friends.i love the night and people think I'm weird because i look out my bed room window or go out side and midnight and look at the stars,feel like i am in my on world.My pet dog is like a wolf he acts like one to and always looks at me,and i look at him. the cute thing is he comes into my room every morning and sleeps next to me. <br />
<br />
i like to have fun out in the forest by my self and my dog - Bluey - we run around howling and even chase the rabbits.My spirit is a wolf and so is my shadow spirit.... I see things in different ways..eg: at dark i see things in amongst the trees ( wolf form ) but they seem to growl and howl at me. i always think it is testing my courage. when i show my mum and dad the wolf i see in the trees they cant see it only me and my dog bluey..<br />
<br />
is there something wrong with me or is it something else?? :(

I think you're just like us... I've never seen things that nobody else sees. I don't have any shadow limbs yet, but I'd like some. I feel ears there but they haven't effected me in any way... but ya know... lol :)

Hi... I just wanted to say thank you for telling your story. I also am a lone wolf in my family... since I was a young boy I've always felt I was different... and I've always been attracted to wolves. I feel it so deep in my soul, so much that at times it is painful in the sense that I am alone and can't share these feelings with the rest of my family.

Thanks for the comment. If your ever in Jasper, Alberta, Canada look me up. We could meet another wolf face to face.

I know I'm a wolf, people might think I'm wrong, but I believe I am, so I am! I'm a lone wolf too. I think my little sister (might) be a fox though. She's always talking about her dreams about foxes and stuff, but I'm the oldest and I know for sure... I'm alone too... I wish I could meet another wolf, or therian like me. :)