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My First Wolf Dream

I had a dream last night I was a young ashen female wolf with green eyes named shadow. I was hunting a young buck with Shimmer she is white with blue eyes. I was the fastest one in the pack. the male was gray with brown eyes. Everyone else was a wolf trapped in a human body. Because me and Shimmericeblue have transformed into a wolf. We lived in the woods and the humans did not know about us. So Me and Shimmer killed the buck then I woke up.
ShadowtheUnknownSoul ShadowtheUnknownSoul 18-21, F 96 Responses Sep 14, 2011

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I actually am intrested in your story. I kinda had one like that execpt it was a boy next to me and we failed...

i just need to think it because of my dna.but your ment to beleve and think like one and i cant think of the rest now

how do u make your self go into wolf form?

what do you meen be that?

What happens right before u change?


I'll try a gEt in the mail tomorrow.

to mr kidchaos101

Im going to maIl u a letter.

First I have to save up. What part England do u live in?

i cant untill we have the cash but first i need to see how much has been made

Fine iLl take it. Ure in luck. Write Wolfgirl on the package<br />
USA<br />
Fairfield, Connecticut<br />
06824<br />
200 red oak rd.

how do u get it? Are the side effects in human form? Do u but it then ship it to me? But if u work in a lab how come it cost so much money?

Could u tell me how to make it? Please can you do it for free? Is there something else that's similar tO the potion ?

That So awesome I would love to say yes but 2 things. 1 I live in America and 2 it's to expensive.

How come u can't do it for free? what are the side effects?Where do u get this shifting wolf potion thing?

i would love to say yes but the best i can do is lower the price to £2500 but thare are still side afectets

Can't u do it for free

So I can transform into a wolf whenever I want if u make me a shifting wolf

Ye but what would it cost

i could turn you into a shifting waolf at will now but it is costly would you want that?

how long do i have to practice for?

what do you do before u transform? do say transform into wolf? what do u do?

but im still trying to be a wolf

yes,and kill you

So when I go into wolf form a hunter could shoot me?


What shifting?

it could be bad because of hunters

when im not ready