My First Wolf Dream

I had a dream last night I was a young ashen female wolf with green eyes named shadow. I was hunting a young buck with Shimmer she is white with blue eyes. I was the fastest one in the pack. the male was gray with brown eyes. Everyone else was a wolf trapped in a human body. Because me and Shimmericeblue have transformed into a wolf. We lived in the woods and the humans did not know about us. So Me and Shimmer killed the buck then I woke up.
ShadowtheUnknownSoul ShadowtheUnknownSoul
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I actually am intrested in your story. I kinda had one like that execpt it was a boy next to me and we failed...

i just need to think it because of my dna.but your ment to beleve and think like one and i cant think of the rest now

how do u make your self go into wolf form?

what do you meen be that?

What happens right before u change?


I'll try a gEt in the mail tomorrow.

to mr kidchaos101

Im going to maIl u a letter.

First I have to save up. What part England do u live in?

i cant untill we have the cash but first i need to see how much has been made

Fine iLl take it. Ure in luck. Write Wolfgirl on the package<br />
USA<br />
Fairfield, Connecticut<br />
06824<br />
200 red oak rd.

how do u get it? Are the side effects in human form? Do u but it then ship it to me? But if u work in a lab how come it cost so much money?

Could u tell me how to make it? Please can you do it for free? Is there something else that's similar tO the potion ?

That So awesome I would love to say yes but 2 things. 1 I live in America and 2 it's to expensive.

How come u can't do it for free? what are the side effects?Where do u get this shifting wolf potion thing?

i would love to say yes but the best i can do is lower the price to £2500 but thare are still side afectets

Can't u do it for free

So I can transform into a wolf whenever I want if u make me a shifting wolf

Ye but what would it cost

i could turn you into a shifting waolf at will now but it is costly would you want that?

how long do i have to practice for?

what do you do before u transform? do say transform into wolf? what do u do?

but im still trying to be a wolf

yes,and kill you

So when I go into wolf form a hunter could shoot me?


What shifting?

it could be bad because of hunters

when im not ready

YES VICTORY NO HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IN MY BODY ONLY WOLF BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when i say die i meen all your human side is are 100% wolf for the rest of your life

How can you die by shifting?

When I'm not reddy?

do it when your not reddy you wont turn back without almost death

going to go try


so you meen you parshly shifted


when you say you saw yourself at night was it you or a mirror or was it like it was real.

what do u mean mirror or paws?

in what way mirror or paws.sorry but a bit more info

thats what i meant to write. ive been thinking about that, last night i saw my self as a wolf in my mind

not metal,mental and yes

whats metal shifing, shifting in your mind?

yes but i warned her that it can be harmfull but i want him to do it like i did.and still do)but it will be harder if you havent lived with wolves like me.

You have to be careful, if you try and shapeshift before your ready... it can kill you. You have to do mental shifting first, dont push yourself.

My only dream is turn into a wolf and I have had that ever since was born.

i have been acting like a wolf pup latley,<br />
pouncing on things, chewing on things and a lot of other things wilf pups do

NO I WOULD NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON TRANSFORMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you failed me and my wolves if your giving up now

then when will i be ready to transform? is shapeshifting really real are you lieing to me?

i cant tell you when your reddy thats up to you and your mind.not me.and shapeshifting is real but your loseing all hope now your giving up so quick

why cant you tell me how to transform into the most maginficent creature on earth?

because its in you!!! its not how i tell you its what you do

keep trying

yournot reddy tobe a wolf just yet then,it needs more time

If I saw a wolf I would know what it was saying.

Most of them I think.

I just came home from rock climbing and on the way back. A lady pointed at me laughed because I was, sticking my head out the window so I showed my teeth

and do you understand what each howl and tail movments and body language of a wolf?

i do it in the pub at home outside.i do it when i can and this is the only real human thing i do.

I will act like a wolf even if people think I am weird!

i have been thinking like a wolf my whole life.

a are a wolf wanting to be free but cant.and your only trying your not thinking like 1,or acting like one.its 1 of them.

a are a wolf wanting to be free but cant.and your only trying your not thinking like 1,or acting like one.its 1 of them.

There arent any other hints you can give to turning into a wolf? I've tried and tried but it won't let me!!!

Me as a wolf a reflection then it became very clear and it ran away. Do you think it was trying to tell me something? I think heard the wolf bark

where was the wolf was it a reflection or was it thare waching you?

Then how did u get to acomputer?<br />
Kidchaos since you are the wolf man i need to ask you something. I kept seeing me in my wolf form running today. In art class ai was at the window tracing my art ( we needed to do that.) and I saw a black wolf with green eyes because that is the wolf I am. Does this mean anything to you?

it wont let me add you as a friend

i helped 2 people like you and 1 never came human again.good luck and have fun

Add me as rue friend

Ok ok I will do whatever you say master wolf. *howls*

juust do it

that can be happen

If You try you will fail???

I WILL ACT LIKE A WOLF!!!!!! <br />

I WILL ACT LIKE A WOLF!!!!!! <br />

O<br />
I will try until I succeed!!

yes act like one.<br />
because if you dont learn for yourself you wont ever be able to

Act like. A. Wolf. While doing it? Why can't u tell me

and think like one<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
i cant give you no more help the rest you have to do in your mind,no one can help you anymore that i have sead

you need to act more of a wolf aswell

please kidchaos it wont work I need more help!!!!!!!!

Can u give me another hint? PLEASE

you are correct

thats some of it that will help you turn.yes you are correct

I mean feel wolf parts.

Believe you can turn into a wolf and wolf parts am I correct?

i cant tell you but i can help have to belive and feel

How do u transform into a wolf? I have only transformed once but I dont know how.