i was texting a human this is the convo im a bit scared now
about the 3rd txt in
me:so would thay do if thay got me then
him:cut you open and expeiment on you
me:will it hert
him:yeh u numty
me:how much
me:what do thay do
him:thay saw through your bone
me:dont say that
him:yeh but its true
him:dont worry about it
me:you make me fear humans
him:yeh well im a human
him:ok night

no i cant even go to sleep im to scared a human will open me up.any advise?
kidchaos101 kidchaos101
18-21, M
9 Responses Oct 3, 2011

Bud, you need to be careful when talking to the stupid humans. BE CAREFUL BRO

ta i will try that

You could turn into a wolf and go to sleep wolves have excellent hearing so if he comes u can chase out of ure house. They are light sleeepers so u will know when he comes.

How much does this person know about you through the texts? It will help me try to form a plan for you to be able to sleep

he knows every thing about me my age my 2 forms my love my house he knows every thing about me

but i will need sleep at some time

Just ONE night maybe to

but every thing needs sleep from time to time


HE hates wolves and knows who and what you are. Don't go to sleep just hope he will come pretend to sleep turn into a wolf....