I Am Seeing Changes.....

I feel like a wolf trapped in a human body. I always notice a persons smell. I really hate loud noises and sometimes people don't hear what i hear. Iv always noticed things that other humans never noticed before. Recently dogs really came to love me even though they were my friends dog that have seen me before they never treated me like their own kind until now. I can now understand dogs better then i ever have before, i even understand them a bit more then i understand humans. Dogs also came to love me that never loved me before like tonight i had a sleepover with my friend and her dog didn't slept with my friend like she does every night she slept with me. And let me tell you this dog never really cared when i came over she always just followed my friend around. Sometimes i scratch someone on accident they draw blood.  I get mad and growl i just cant help it they make me so mad and it just feels like something I need to do and i cannot control it. I try hard not to bite peopel when they get me mad and sometimes that is very hard.besides when i bite i bite hard and sometimes without knowing draw blood. I noticed my change in attitude recently and i became more snappy and aggressive. I always never talked to humans but if one talks to me somehow it will get changed to where i am trying to control my growl and me being snappy and mean. I never was like this before. I love to run and play chase or whatever humans call it and 'im usually the one chasing them. When i run i feel free, i feel like the ground pushes me forward almost like im flying. i always can catch up to a person with ease . or they are just too slow for me. Also i can run longer than normal without tiring. I love the dark i get this really happy exited feeling when it is dark and i am outside. I feel like me. Like i can be me.

Please comment and tell me what you think please.
wolfalone wolfalone
13-15, F
2 Responses Jan 22, 2012

I get mad easily now i wanna go outside right now

yes! so dark and peaceful...... try fighting with a towel you know wont break growl at it scratch it try to rip it it helped me

i will try that when i get to go outside at night again i barley get to go outside im so sad but when i do go outside im so happy

i feel the exact same way and my friends dog that never listened to me listens to what i say now. i have the exact same thing happening to me. i wanna go outside at night i feel like me when i'm outside free. I'm having the exact same things happen.