Honestly I'm quite pleasantly surpised to come across this statement as an experience. I feel as though the words have been taken out of my mouth in a sense.

I associate with therianthropy as a wolf, and I certainly feel "trapped" in this skin. I suppose that's simply from the sudden switch, because I do enjoy being a human being and wouldn't have it any other way. Makes you wonder why those feelings surface, in that case, but who knows. Life is indeed strange.
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I always have these weird flashbacks that I dont actuly remember and dreams about being a running wolf and I also recognise these places I have never been to.

I always

mee too all the time<3

Me too all the way

why do u think were on this page duuurrr yes i do

so do i <br />

i do

do you ever hear the words, "I am wolf," in your head?

i do

I do



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as I read your story the words "wolf past" are still echoing in my mind I don't have dreams of being in a pack but mostly of the forest and the running food. and the feeling of being alone i think that's because I have no wolf friend's now. believe it or not my best friend is a tiger at least that's what he says I still think hes a bear.

My best friend is a tiger too

Amazing. Perhaps you might be right.