This Is It

I've had it past my head with this letshuntwolves character. He says we are not wolves. He is nothing but a dum lying hunter. I don't care what that stupid human has to say. We are wolves and we will fight against him and his kind. Are you with me? How many of you have been annoyed by this hunter? I know I have and I'm getting tired of his kind coming after ours. it's the hunters that should die, not us wolves or any other species of other-kin. Just leave us alone. We did nothing to hurt you, so whay should you hurt us. Just leave us alone or we will fight back no matter what the cost.
whitewolfgirl77 whitewolfgirl77
18-21, F
1 Response May 7, 2012

This hunter can die! I hope wolves or a bear rips him a apart..