I Heard A Story..

OK one wolf on here posted that there friend told them that people are scearing for us in helicopters and planes and that stuff. but before i knew i was a wolf (when i was about 4) when i saw a plane or hellicopter or heard them i ran and hid i wasnt scared of them i just felt like danger was close. and when i was walking home well i got of my bus and started to walk to my hous i felt like i was being watched hmm i wonder who or what it was. but im suprised that theres mainly only wolves and some foxes trapped inside a human body but my best friend is a tiger traped inside a human body my friends say that theve seen a blac wolf like creature with green eyes follow and protect them soo yeah that might be my wolf. i made a mistake on my story Nightmare!! because my wolf said at the beging he was already black fured. no he was white with goldish eyes then his eye colour was changed to red and his fur to black if you read my story Nightmare you will understand, but ive been talking to NightMare and he might change his ways so this might mean i have 2 wolves guardins or he will go to another person?
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May 10, 2012