I Am Alpha In The World Of Wolfs

Every time some one claims to be a wolf and try's and prove it, I see straight through them, and I watch people carefully as to not get the wrong impression. At night I am ready to loose my human skin and sprout my true self free from this compressing form, I run with the wind that blows through the trees, I wait for my prey and when they enter my range, I attack I show mercy to those who show true regret and cut off those who show mock fear because if they don,t fear me they will, I'm not a power hungry animal I just know right from wrong I know when the right actions can lead to unwanted effects but I never give you power to be scared, you should have enough power over your self to be brave and let no one intimidate you.And I keep my pack in order and dare a challenge to bare its teeth, It will see my K9's and cower knowing that I am a force that is a impenetrable shield for all who follow and stand beside me.
asiladany asiladany
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3 Responses May 11, 2012

I myself am an alpha as well, once upon a time ago I ruled such a large pack, such a large area and then I fell. But, I still have my alpha instincts and that sort of 'aura'. I'm happy to meet another alpha. Maybe one day, we'll meet face to face. Until then, merry meet, merry part, may we meet again.

I refuse to take orders from any alpha and so far I have yet to be submissive to any wolf like you said I'm not imtimadated so feel free to chalange me anytime

Can you guys shiftshape anytime you want to?

we don't 'shapeshift' necessarily but we do have different kinds of 'shifts' such as for me, most often I go through what is known as a 'phantom shift' where I feel my canine limbs and more often than not this is how I go through the day, but, there are different kinds of shifts that different people experience like mental shifts or dream shifts, I have heard rumors of some people being able to shift forms but i personally do not believe in that statement, but I don't know, it might, it might not be true.