Is He A Wolf Or Is It Fake?

Hi, I have a few questions. Ok so my boyfriend claims to be an actual wolf. but how can i figure out if this is true or not? he says that he likes meat, and he hunts, and stuff happens when it is a full moon. Like is this possible, is it a fantasy or something? And like he growls and pretends to bite when we are playing around and fooling around, he also randomly moves his head in a sudden movement and looks as if he is in a daze at times. lastly he somewhat heals quickly. like what is this. can it be true? and he is really protective over his friends especially me, and he is very short tempered. can he like change form really fast or is it long process? lik can you even shapeshift, if so how does it work or.comi happen?
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3 Responses May 11, 2012

Depends! Does he claim to be a werewolf or wolf? the full moon doesnt affect wolf therians much

Well, i am a wolf like him. Wolves in the wild don't howl at the moon, but i do know that the full moon makes me feel like i am in my natural home; the forest.<br />
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If he is a true therian, he will be able to shape shift as well, but do not be put off by twilight and werewolf films; it can take hours!

um wolves have no connection with the moon they don't howl at the moon. or anything so mabye fake or real yeah im guessing that didnt help.