Hey, can you guys shift into a wolf, and if so how quickly can you change into a wolf and how quickly can you change back? Please answer. (True wolfs only unless you are sure.)
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3 Responses May 11, 2012

i have just started to m-shift, and this is just a advice, if you want to shift you should start with m-shifting because it makes it easier to p-shift later..

Well, i've never p-shifted before, but it can take hours of concentration, i know.

well not all of us can P-shift and some wolves dont tell other (Wolves) because not all 'wolves' on here are "wolves" some may be humams and some hunters, so most of us keep buissnes to our selves. I can M-shift ( Mind shifting) going on to P- shifting (=

Very very private with my life but this seems to be a good site. I am here to learn and have fun about myself and others....