The Black Wolf Am I

The Black Wolf Am I, They stare there eyes. There soul's say she's different. My eyes stare back. Whimpring dosn't help but my eye's they cry. snarling growling I show my strength. whimpring hiding shows my fear. ShadowDust am I. We have no fear we are the strong wolves noone will follow behind but my Pack. You may say im nice but you harm me or my pack. you'll think twice about that. Anyone hurts my pals they wont show their face around here forba long time. my fur is black as night and my eyes green as new fresh green grass. my claw thick and super sharp. my tail strong. my sight clear i can see very far. My ears stick up. my hearing is great. my nose is black. i can smell very well. i stand my ground as clear as day. you will always notice me howling. hunting im the farstest strongest noone will ever go hungry. my strength im the strongest of all. my speed i will never slow down. my teeth white and sharp. Im am the female Alpha of the Unbroken Pack.
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May 13, 2012